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09 September 2011

We survived the first week of preschool.  He faired much better than I… that Tate is just TOO quiet, all I hear is the occasional baby snore while Finn is at school.  It’s unnerving right now, just give me a month, I’m sure the quiet will be my favorite part of the day.  He loves his teachers, he loves his new friends, and most of all he loves doing an art project every day.  It was so awesome to hear him rattle off all of the cool things he learned, tell me about his snack each day, and excitedly ask if he’s got school again tomorrow.

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Saturday night we’re having friends over for a porch party.  In case you’re not into made up parties like me, a porch party is where everyone gathers on our screened in front porch and we eat and drink and carry on.  They are always very intimate because space doesn’t allow for more than 8 or so of us.  They are most often impromptu.  This one was nudged by my fabulous neighbor because we haven’t had one all year.  The usual summer consists of 10 or so of these, we don’t discriminate, weekdays or weekends are both fair game, though the recovery time on the weekends are much nicer for those {ahem Dave} who have to work in the morning.  They range from takeaway and beer to fancy appetizers and vodka lemonades, with an ill fated chocolate covered bacon bar tasting thrown in there for good measure.  It will be the first {and probably last} of this year, so we’re doing it up with appetizers and drinks.  I’ll share them with you next week if I remember to take pictures.


I think you’ll love…

Adorable Summer Sip n See.

Coolest dad EVER and his daily lunchbox art.

And a vintage So Wonderful, So Marvelous where I show you a hilarious gift from my friend Sarah.

Happy Weekend!



Sara @ Belle Plaine said...

Gotta love the first day of preschool photos! Finn is going to love it.

We used to do deck parties out back with our neighbors on Friday evenings but this summer we let it fall apart. Perhaps a fall deck party is in order!

bea said...

hee hee! I loooove porch parties almost as much as I love being made famous on your blog. Also, you look beautiful in this pic and I must have a sweater like that.

Ashlee Martin Smith said...

Hey is so big! And so handsome!! And, I secretly wish I could attend one of your parties...but the pictures will have to do I suppose!

Unknown said...

Glad to hear Finn did so good. I can't even imagine how it feels when you have been home with him for so long, to just let him go. I can't imagine how I will act when my little guy goes to preschool. Hopefully it's soon, we are still in potty training hell and he will be 4 in December!!
Thanks for sharing the Sip n See party post. Thanks to you I found another great blog.
Have a wonderful weekend and a great time at your party.

Stacy Kaye said...

I am glad he is having fun at preschool! That is awesome. It is so hard for me to have Caden go off to daycare-which is like preschool for him right now because he goes just two days a week-but he comes home in SUCH a great mood and tells me all about his day. Jack and I sure miss him though...I totally get you on things being too quiet!

The party sounds awesome and I am impressed! I need to do more things like that, but host in the backyard maybe since we have a huge one that is made for a gathering like that.

Just A Normal Mom said...

A quiet baby. Hmmmm, I know nothing of this thing you speak. :) Enjoy it while it lasts!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love a porch party! Now if only I had a porch...

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