02 September 2011

I am officially obsessed with this manicure.

Pretty sure these are the most gorgeous cupcakes I’ve ever seen.  A very close second is this beautiful ice cream cake.

You have my friend Karen to thank for what you will never un-see here.  She Pinned the creepiest, weirdest dinner ever, follow her Pinterest.

I am speechless at this party.  The details are perfection!

And a vintage So Wonderful, So Marvelous, Sprocket Hotels and the Avian Bird Flu where I tell you about our honeymoon.

Have a relaxing & fun Labor Day weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love pinterest. The nails are saucey!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Thanks for all the eye candy! Love the nails and that party! Oh my! Though it does provoke a few "mom-fail" feelings thinking back on my son's 3rd birthday! LOL

Unknown said...

Love that manicure. I rarely get manicures but would totally try and get that if i did.
And that birthday party was out of control. So stinking cute. The freaking turtle burgers are very very creepy looking, my 3 year old would probably run and cry if he saw those.

Heidi said...

BEAUTIFUL cupcakes and look delish!!

Stacy Kaye said...

The burgers scare me...they are burned into my retinas and I don't think I can get rid of them!

The manicure is awesome...I need something fun like that...I just plain need a manicure, haven't had one for years!

The cupcakes...mmmmmm! Although I think I prefer the cake...just because I am crazy for ice cream.

And the party...oh the party. It makes me feel like a party loser! It is unbelievable!

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