Fresh Air.

28 September 2011

It’s getting colder here, the fall weather has moved in.  We’ve been trying to get the kiddos outside as much as possible to get some fresh air.  Days are fast approaching  when we’ll be bundled up in the house.

Earlier this week, Finn pushed Tate around in the driveway while Dave and I were cleaning up dinner.  She was in her jammies and Finn was sprinting.  It was ridiculous to watch and she loved every minute.


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Anonymous said...

Big Brother already taking care of sis. I love it.

Just A Normal Mom said...

I see many days ahead of him keeping her entertained and laughing her head off. :)

Unknown said...

Isn't it so funny how adults ( are just certain that Big Brother is being too rough, but Little Sis is eating it up?

Michelle said...

Megan, Dave was freaking out telling Finn to slow down. Tate had the biggest smile on her face as he was pushing her.

Unknown said...

I wish it would get cooler here. It's still in the 90's but I think I saw 70's in the forecast. I hate running the air conditioner all day and night and love having the windows open with the fresh air blowing in;)

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