Awkward First Dates.

20 September 2011

I’ve been on a lot of dates in my lifetime, some of them crazy awkward.  The stories I have pale, though, in comparison to my best friend Natalie. 

My favorite was the guy who commented it might be funny for him to dress up in her lingerie.  I can’t make this stuff up.  One of these days she’s going to let me do a post about all of her crazy dating stories.   Right, Natalie?

I haven’t been on a first date in ages.  It’s one of those tricky things about getting married.  The dating ends, or at least it is supposed to.

But this weekend?  I totally went on a first date.

With her

And her husband.  And well… mine too.

Meg and I have been bloggy friends for years.  I can’t even remember anymore if I found her or she found me.  Either way, the minute we decided we were going to Atlanta for my cousin’s wedding, I emailed her and begged her for a date.  It didn’t take her long to say yes.  We decided on brunch somewhere on Sunday, until I remembered the stupid Georgia alcohol laws that don’t let you drink until a decent hour on Sundays so we remedied that immediately and changed our date to Saturday.  First dates are much more fun when there is alcohol involved.

atlanta 053

We met for brunch at Tree House in Atlanta, Meg’s brilliant suggestion.  Isn’t it the cutest?

atlanta 056

atlanta 054

atlanta 046

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for brunch on the patio.  We enjoyed mimosas {me} and Skinny Girl Margaritas {her} and Southern Style Eggs Benedict  {the boys} and lots of great conversation.  We laughed.  We made fun of Georgia Tech.  We coveted the cute top the waitress was sporting.  Lee made totally inappropriate death and destruction talk at the breakfast table, bless his heart.  We made fun of Meg for living in Alabama and Dave for his kitchen disasters. 

It was awesome.

She is so lovely in person it is unbelievable. 

atlanta 051

Meg, I don’t even care if those stupid Georgia Tech fans think we’re lesbians.  The next time we’re in Atlanta, I’m asking you for a second date.


Anonymous said...

First Date Fun! I married my high school sweetheart, so i do not have any funny dating stories. I would like to have just one.

Just A Normal Mom said...

How fun! And that pub is adorable!

Unknown said...

That is such a great picture of you two! You both look so happy and both have real smiles, no fake ones;) I also married my highschool sweetheart so I don't have any funny first date stories either. So I hope one day your bestie lets you write that post.

Meg @ House Notes said...

I love this as much as I loved our blog date! If only I had thought to ask for some photography advice. Your pics are always so crisp and sharp.

Thanks for saying such sweet things. I felt the same way about you - every bit as lovely as I'd imagined. :)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love that you asked a blog friend for a date. If you're ever in the midwest, we'll have to have meet up too!

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

I just found your blog. I LOVE you. And the fact that you rescheduled your date to accommodate drinking laws? Perfection.

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