Friday the 13th.

13 May 2011

We’re cool. 

Thursday the 12th on the other hand… not so much. 

I’ll spare you the details of our insurance debacle that almost resulted in me losing it AND having to switch doctors even though, you know my c-section is already scheduled for a couple weeks from now and all.   On top of that an insurance customer service rep that should be absolutely ashamed of his not so veiled threats and piss poor attitude.  Oh yeah.  Thankfully there are small miracles and lovely insurance liaisons to fix things and not have the pregnant woman go into labor early due to stress.  Seriously, this woman is getting flowers once it’s all officially fixed because she is absolutely lovely.

I do have to find a new OB/Gyn after baby girl arrives which I am less than thrilled about.  If you’re local and love yours {really we’re done having babies so it would just be for annual visits} please shoot me an email with your recommendation. 

Did I also mention that Blogger has been down for two days and has managed to somehow eat my post about pregnant bellies?  It is reposted, but if you commented on the original {and there were some CRAZY belly touching stories} your comment has been eaten by a cyber monster that lives under the bed.  It may also be a conspiracy by the belly touchers to keep me silenced!

So there you have it.  I hope you have an amazing weekend peeps.  Any big plans?


Unknown said...

OMG! I didn't realize it was Friday the 13th until just now. Where have I have been all day?! Oh that's right I have been searching for something for my boys to wear, we are having a big family picture day Sunday with the MIL, soon to be new husband, BIL and his GF and her 5 kids {we are less than thrilled about it this} and going to a friends house tomorrow night. Anyway....hope you have a great weekend and hopefully the insurance crap is all good;)

Tricia said...

Hate insurance. Really--whoever came up with the concept has a lot of explaining to do and the people who have made it such a bleeping nightmare should be tied to a couch and forced to watch Jershy Shore or something equally icky--for the rest of time. And then, when they develop couch-related illnesses, they should be required to be pre-approved to see a doctor and pay a 450% co-pay once they get to the doctor. And then, when the final bill arrives, they should find that they are not covered at all because their insurance stopped paying for couch-related illnesses two days before their doctor's appointment...

I'll keep working on my insurance revenge plan because I swear, one day, there will be the insurance-related phone call that breaks this camel's back and I want to be prepared. Hate it. Sorry for the rant. Glad that your mess got straightened out!

Have a great weekend!

Sara R said...

Oh shoot..that explains why post for a babies name is gone. I thought they you just hated that bad so you had to delete it or something. So, you may have just also missed out on just the perfect little girls name because now I can't remember half of them. Let me try some again though...
And their was a couple more that were my favorite at the time but really can not remember. Okay, now you can intentionally delete this if the names are to unbearable to look at :)

Sara R said...

Oooh, so sorry for all my typoes. I am so tired and thought I reread it before I hit send but apparently not.

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