Getting The Hint.

06 June 2010
I was having an angsty night.

I was literally whining {after telling Finn not to do that repeatedly today} to Dave about being booooooored and cranky.  I know, needy much Michelle?? 

He was giving me like the best foot rub and trying not to ask himself why the fuck he married a crazy person.  Because no one wants to think that they made the choice to be with a lunatic, they want to believe that it happened after... or something.

So there I am carrying on like a goob.  Dave was pretending to listen and being all super husband.   He's terribly annoying like that and I am pretty sure he was just trying to set himself up for some action once the whining stopped, but that's neither here nor there. The whining continued for twenty or so minutes and then, the universe told me to shut the fuck up with the whining.


The universe.  Told me to shut up and quit being a freaking annoying whiny bitch. 

In the form of a really loud tornado siren.

Because I need something BIG to shut me up.  Like tornado big.

I am pretty sure that message was received when I was standing in the basement with a {mostly} sleeping three year old, the dog, the cat in his carrier, and Dave twirling away on our crank radio.  Kind of puts stuff in perspective.

You're whining about being bored?  Sure, let me serve up a night of about zero sleep, that'll keep you entertained.

Thankfully, our friends and family are all ok... some still without power, but ok.  Early reports are saying that a total of six tornados touched down, five people died and several more are missing.  There is one big mess to clean up with trees and debris everywhere, even in the areas where a tornado didn't hit.  A local high school was destroyed along with a police station and houses all over the area.


Jenn said...

I'm glad you are all okay!!!

Saffy said...

OMG that's about fifteen universes telling you to shut up :p Those poor people :(

@JessEsco said...

LOL. I think that all the time about my husband, he must be thinking is there a return policy because I'm always so sickly and occasionally mopey.

And yeah, tornado=not boring. Glad yall are ok! Those things scare the crap out of me, um duh rightfully so. Glad you're ok. Hope you paid the hub back for the foot rub ;-)

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