08 June 2010
Bear with me peeps, I'm going to be that mom for a minute here because this kid, he is cute and he has been saying the funniest things lately.  And if I don't write them down, I will forget.

Finn: {To Dave who was eating thai for lunch} Now, I know you like pasta, but you need to choose something else.  {under his breath} Uhhhh blueberry toast.  We have cabbage.  MOM!  Do we have cabbage?

Finn:  Daddy, you're the BEST cooker.  In.  Da.  World.  I LOVE this dinner.
Dave:  Mommy made dinner, buddy.
Finn:  No, you did da meat.
Dave:  Nope, it was all Mommy.
Finn:  You ALL are the best cookers.

Finn: What's that on your arm?
Me:  It's a bandaid because I had bloodwork done.
Finn:  Why is that on there?
Me:  Because I went to the doctor and had blood taken.
Finn:  Ohhh!  Poor Mommy!
{runs off and grabs his docotor kit... comes back with a stethoscope}
Finn:  Mommy, please put your arm out.

Finn:  I've got fur on me.
Me:  Where?
Finn:  Right there.  {points to a few tiny hairs on his arm}
Me: That is hair.  We all have it on our arms.
Finn:  Daddy's hair is fuzzy.
Me:  Yep.
Finn:  Why? 
Me:  Because guys have more hair than girls do.  When you get big like your daddy, you'll have a lot of hair too.
Finn:  I don't want to get big and fuzzy.

Dave:  You need to take a nap.
Finn:  I don't want to take a nap.
Dave:  Well you can either screw around or you can get into bed, take a nap, and come with me to pick up the poodle {from the groomer which strangely fascinates Finn} when you wake up.
Finn:  {smirking}  I want to screw around.
Dave:  Maybe we shouldn't say screw around, maybe we should say mess around.  You're taking a nap.
Finn:  Eh, I want to screw around.


@JessEsco said...

LOL! I love these and I am all about recording them! I wish I was better about writing in her journal the way I was when she was a baby...

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Oh my god. That last one is too funny! I almost spit out my drink reading it. Thanks for lifting me up today! :) I really needed the laugh...

MommyLisa said...

Ah yes...the joys of using the wrong phrase. I love the last two very much!

Debbie said...

How adorable! I'm glad you wrote all of these down so you'll never forget them!

Stacy Kaye said...

So cute! That is one of the reasons I have my remember all of those things I never write down otherwise about the monkey. Finn seems like a pretty cute little munchkin!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Please go get me a napkin because my heart just melted all over my desk!

michele said...

omigosh, i LOVE the "fuzzy" one!! tooo cute. and it totally reminds me of the time that i was brushing my daughter's hair, and i was wearing a tank top, and she looks up at me and says "MOMMY! you are turning into a man! you have fur in your armpits!"

(in my defense, it was morning. i hadn't showered yet. my underarm hair grows really fast. geez, it had only been a day.)

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