Birthday Dinner for Eight {and a Midget}

24 June 2010
This party idea came to me in the midst of a sleepless night.  My mom gave me the criteria that she just wanted to have dinner to celebrate her birthday and specifically requested that I make a batch of Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Oreos.  That isn't much to go on, but once I started thinking of her favorite things, it all came together.  White roses, Michael Buble, and white cake with chocolate frosting all needed to be included.  And her friends and family... but how to do that AND keep her request for a small dinner celebration?

I wanted something summery {which equals grilled} for the menu, but then we figured out it would be 91 degrees with the added bonus of rain and I didn't want to stick Dave with grilling after working all day.  So, here is the menu that my sister and I came up with...

The Menu
Romaine Salad {mandarin oranges, strawberries, green apple, feta, & toasted sunflower seeds} with Strawberry Basil Vinagrette
Pistachio Encrusted Pork Loin Chops with Apricot Glaze and {homemade} Plum Sauce
Basil Rosemary Garlic Smashed Fingerling Potatoes {red, purple, & gold potatoes}
Balsamic Roasted Carrots
Almond Birthday Cake with Chocolate Raspberry Frosting

Everything was outstanding!  I was a little nervous because pork can be so touchy, one wrong move and it's dry.  I'll be happy to post the recipes later because I would make everything again, especially so the potatoes. 

Favor/Place Card
Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Oreos

I used a favor box, lined it with some waxed paper, added two of the chocolate covered Oreos sprinkled with merlot sea salt, and used some pretty paper and a paper clip for place cards.  It was nice to send the Oreos home instead of stuffing more food in after cake.

A few days before the dinner, I sent out a mass email to everyone I could think of asking for their birthday wish for my mom.  People sent some really funny, heartwarming remarks about my mom that I knew she would love.  I compiled everything and printed them out on paper that matched the cream, grey, sage, & blue color scheme.  I found cute paper clips in the blue & green so I used those to clip the notes and some black and white photos of my mom to ribbon that I attached to the wall.  It was similar to a clothes line.  She absolutely loved it and read each and every one.  When she left, we wrapped them all up so she could keep them.

Happy Birthday Mom!  I hope it was everything you'd hoped, good food, wonderful company, and a relaxing evening.  May you have many many more!


@JessEsco said...

WOW! You did an amazing job Michelle. That is a gorgeous party that looks and sounds like it took place at a 5 star restaurant.

Ann said...

The celebration sounds perfect!

belles♥mom said...

Everything looks AMAZING Michelle! I'm so glad your mom had a fantastic birthday! And um, I NEED that cake recipe, it looks unbelievable!!!

Michelle said...

Nik, you're going to have to pry it out of Richard. The cake was all his!

Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft said...

What a great looking party!!

MommyLisa said...

That is insanely detailed and WOW! I love the idea of the cards.

:) Want the oreo recipe. Stat.

My Owl Barn said...

What a beautiful birthday dinner! I love that wall with little notes and photos. Great idea!

Jennifer Jackson said...

Michelle, you have so much talent. Looks like another great party!

michele said...

michelle--you missed your calling as a party planner! well, either that or doing looks sooo elegant! i love the clothesline/card/b-day wish idea, how thoughtful! i bet your mom loved it!!

Nikki said...

What a beautiful party!!! I'm can come to my house and throw a party any day!! I've always wanted to do something like I might have gave me some inspiration....I'll just have to figure out an occasion!
Can't wait to hear the recipes...sounds like an amazingly delicious menu!

Emily said...

Gorgeous! That Janet is one lucky mom.

Alexis said...

What a beautiful party! Love the cards....I like that "JIm, Jimmy, James", hysterical!

Elise said...

i'll take some of those oreos!!!! my half bday was last week ;)

Holly Lefevre said...

Really? This is a beautiful and thoughtful party. You are amazing! I must try the sea salt oreos (I love sea salt caramels!). The wishes are awesome too. OK, it is all awesome...the almond cake is on my list for hubby's next b'day (his fave!)

Unknown said...

I am IN LOVE with this party. The colors, centerpieces and the message/photo-garland - How incredibly special and inspiring!

xo alanna

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