Little sisters.

18 January 2009

In the next few weeks look for some idea boards for my sister's GRADUATION party. It's going to be the best party ever according to her. I have a mass of ideas swirling in my head. It has to be over the top amazing and fun. So if you have any ideas, post them in the comments.

And so, in our quest through the box of old stuff last night, I found this little gem:

A little back story. I used to get my little sister Elise completely obnoxious birthday cards, even when she was little. So Elise thought that she would reciprocate, she took one of her old cards and just copied the text, then she drew this picture. She was maybe 6 or 7 at the time. That's me there on the left with the HAWT side pony tail. She's the little one with the pigtails. It's amazing how now roles are reversed and she's taller than me.

So Miss Elise, I thought you would get a kick out of this little trip down memory lane. You were an artist of epic proportions back then. Oh, and that last word is supposed to read CONTINUE.


Emily said...

My sis is graduating this year, too, so if you have any spare ideas, pass them my way.

Amy said...

awww, that's a cute post. :-)

Elise said...

OMG. sooo, that spelling error was probably the product of me asking dad how to spell continue when absolutely no one else was around for me to ask. and i can still draw a pretty mean side ponytail if i do say so myself. i could never grasp how to draw it so that it was a normal one but you could still see it. but anyway, love the post. :)

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