I *looooove* mail!

14 January 2009
Today was a good mail day.
  1. The dresses have arrived. After trying both on, I have a clear favorite. We'll see what Dave says tonight when I show them to him.
  2. No bills!
  3. The new Parents & Real Simple arrived!


Amy said...

You have to let us know which one you like better! And, any luck at the mall today? What did you end up with?

p.s. I was in line at Target today and the girl in front of me was buying a sundress, sunglasses, sunblock, and a waterproof watch. I said, "let me guess...you're going on vacation?" She said, "yes, a cruise. I am so excited." I told her how I was just with my friend who is also going on a cruise and how jealous I was. She said, "I could tell you something else that would REALLY make you sick." Me, "what's that?" She, "I'M NOT EVEN PAYING FOR IT!!"

Hmmm...what are the chances of me having the opportunity to witness TWO people in one day doing their fun 'cruise shopping'. And FREE cruise at that!

Okay, just had to vent. I promise I won't be bitter. HAVE FUN and I can't wait to see some pictures!

Michelle said...

Amy I ended up with soooo much AWESOME shit. I spent $90 and got shorts, a striped tank with a little short sleeved hoodie, the 3/4 jacket (which looks SO cute on!), a pair of leggings, and a black dressy top I can wear to dinner. I think there was something else I am missing in there. But the point is, I got a lot of cute stuff! Thank you so much for shopping with me!

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