12 January 2009
For Christmas, the little bug got a very cool tiger flashlight that ROARS when you activate it. Aunt Sue picks the fun gifts along with practical gifts like savings bonds. It's the fun gifts that the Finnster likes, the practical gifts that mommy & daddy like.

Among other things like chasing the poodle ROARing away, Finnegan "feeds" his tiger flashlight Boo Kitty's food. You see the tiger mouth opens to reveal the flashlight, so of course that means he's hungry and what better to feed him than the cat's food?


Amanda said...

haha! I love it! Brady got one for xmas too...its a cow though. The moo-ing is quite annoying after a 30 minute stretch. Hope the tiger is better!

Emily said...

I bought my little cousin the lion one a couple of years ago. I think those things are so cute! (Annoying, but cute).

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