Cliches and Facebook.

22 January 2009
Well peeps, I am leaving on a jet plane as my ex-fling (or whatever the heck he might be, we used to have lots of sex back when I was fun) told me this morning via Facebook. That's right people, I caved. I joined Facebook. But more importantly, I'm off to cut a rug, to live on the edge, to have more fun that way with Natalie Jane. We are going to have too much fun, drink too much, laugh too much, and sleep in too much. Oh yes, 5 days of SLEEPING IN people. FIVE WHOLE DAYS! This is quite possibly the best part. I don't even have to chase a toddler around.

So keep an eye out for me on Facebook and look for some special guest posting. I'll see y'all when I get back from the Bahamas. Wooooooooo! (Just practicing my drunk girl wooooo in advance... yep, I'm gonna be THAT girl.)


Amy said...

Boy Michelle...a little TMI there. :-) But of course, I had to check your facebook page to see if I could figure out who this fling was. No luck!

Lori said...

Live it up "Woooo Girl"!!!

Amy said...

I just noticed that you haven't blogged since your facebooking commenced. Coincidence?

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