Thank yous.

13 January 2009

We've been writing thank you notes. Usually Finn is good for a couple per day, so it takes us awhile. Mommy writes the thank you and Finn colors it with his crayons. It's always nice to say thank you when people go above and beyond... or even just do something small. Gratitude and gratefulness is something Dave and I both want to instill in Finnegan.

We've had a lot of things to be thankful for. Aside from the overload of Christmas gifts, my friends have done wonderful things for us. They've been gathering pictures for us to replace those that are missing because of the grinchy bastard that took our laptop.

It makes me sick to think that all of the day to day photos of Finnegan from his whole life are gone. Family photos that we had, photos of my friends learning that I was pregnant, videos of Finnegan in the pool for the first time, of him cooing into his mirror as an infant... it all makes me incredibly weepy. I could care less about the stuff, it's the sentimental irreplaceable things that break my heart. Anything that wasn't uploaded is gone. Thankfully, we've been pretty good about printing pictures for the grandmas so we can get copies of those things.

Back to those amazing girls... they put together a great cd of photos from different things we've done together. Lots of Finnegan pictures. Some I hadn't ever seen before that made me smile. I'm so thankful to those girls, especially Amy for collecting them in the midst of her own craziness lately.

And then there is Danielle. I can't even express my thankfulness that she contacted Jennifer and got the digital files of Finnegan's photos. I had nothing from that timeframe, I cried when I opened the mail and got her touching letter. So thank you to Jen and to Danielle.


Emily said...

Um, I owe you pictures. B was supposed to take the CD I made over to Amy's house when he went to Pburg a few weeks back. Yeah, I just found the CD sitting under some papers on the dining room table tonight. Sorry! (Amy, why didn't you say something???)

Amy said...

I totally forgot!!! But it's all good - more pics for M!

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