Fiesta and laughing my ass off.

17 January 2009
The Menu
Black Beans
Spanish (Red) Rice
Romaine Salad with Breaded Queso Blanco & Tobasco Honey Lime Dressing
MYOT (make your own tacos)
Chicken & Beef Tacos
Corn (hard) & Flour (soft) Tortillas
Black Olives
Lime Sour Cream (YUM!)
Assorted Sorbet

The table was kept simple, just fun bright colored placemats and napkins.

Lots and lots of yummy food.

I love the submersible LED lights. They're fun to stick in flower arrangements to add some glow to the table. The flowers were just floating in margarita glasses.

One of the dessert sorbets. All of the flavors came in what ever fruit it was. The mini pineapple was absolutely adorable. There are 6 different flavors and all sound yummy.

All of them except vagina flavored. I had to turn this pic upside down to illustrate. Doug chose the lemon, that remarkably resembled a vagina. He said it was delicious, but he had a hard time saying the word vagina.

Well Michelle, your dinner looks very nice, but why were you laughing your ass off? Was it all of the inappropriate talk between Doug and Ann Marie about Doug's vagina looking lemon sorbet? Nope. It was this... (I apologize for the quality, it's a picture of a picture)

Yep, that's Jackie. At my 13th birthday party. There are no words, only shrieks of laughter.

As if that weren't enough. We found the "class prayer" that she wrote in the 8th grade. There are two things that are amazing about this.

1. I was able to actually find my grade school yearbook within moments of getting up from the table.

2. Jackie is ummm shall we say not the most religious person in the world. Yes, yes, she does fundraising for the Catholic Church, but she doesn't actually go to church.

Cheers to 32 years of friendship (except when we hated each other in 8th grade) and thank God I'm too old to remember Tim Reiner's name. For without him, we wouldn't have had our trip down memory lane.

*** A great big shout out to Gigi for keeping Finnegan overnight! Yay for rum drinks, Mexican beer, and not having to get up in the morning!!


Unknown said...

Ok so I am surprised that prayer didn't catch fire over the years! That pic was awesome :) Hope you guys are doing well...

Michelle said...

We are! And welcome welcome WELCOME to the blog.

AnnMarie said...

Ha! Loved every minute! Thanks for some tasty food, good laughs and great company :)

Dave said...

Nothin' says Mexi-fest like a va-ja-ja sorbet!

Jackie said...

I can't believe you actually posted that!

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