Ooooh Christmasy.

05 December 2008
Can I just say that this is the BEST invention ever? It's an ornament that you plug into the outlet, then when you touch it, turns the tree on and off! No climbing under the tree to plug in the lights.

Is your tree up yet?


Emily said...

Ooooh, that is a great invention! Where can I procure one of these (assuming we decide to put a tree up this year).

Michelle said...

Em, I think I got it at Target or Walmart. Either way it was the best $10 ever spent!

Jackie said...

Not only is your tree up but you have presents under it???? Over achiever!

Michelle said...

Jack, if the presents don't get wrapped immediately they sit in a pile. Only one more GC to buy and I am done!

Mama said...

Very cool. I might have to pick one up and not tell the girls about it! lol

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