19 December 2008
Today, my baby sister is eighteen.

It is weird and I am old.

She is beautiful.
And amazingly intelligent.
And lovely.
And so very kind to her nephew.

She is an individual.
And goofy and hilarious.
She is who she is.
Which is rare at only eighteen.

My Sweet Elise Noel,

I fully admit that when I was an angst filled fifteen year old, I didn't want you to come, but now I can't imagine life without you. Your laughter fills our family with happiness and endless hours of amusement, even your nephew loves it. You have grown into such an amazing woman and I hope that the next eighteen years of your life bring as much personal growth and love and wonder as the last eighteen have. And even though you do dumb things sometimes, I wouldn't trade even a minute of being your sister for anything.

Your most favorite (and most beautiful) sister

I'm also including this pic from last year for three reasons. One, you're not scowling at me or the camera. And two, and more importantly, Midge was in this pic. Three, we totally missed the singing and cake tonight. We'll just pretend the good one was there tonight and that you are still 17.

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Elise said...

Why would you put the picture from this year that is blurry and gross on here? I actually like the one from last year, and I knew you were gonna say because midge was in it. I really think this may be your second best blog yet, second only to 17 boys and a crackwhore in the attic of course. but thank you my lovely sister, i didnt know you had such nice thoughts about me and that you were able to articulate them without a single smartass comment thrown in. it seems like every other week someone says "shes getting more and more like michelle" or "oh god that was such a michelle face" and though I may never quite master the art of being michelle, I'm proud to just say yeah i know you guys are just jealous, thanks :) anywayyy love you shelly (hahaha, i'm gonna get finn to start calling you that) but ps. not as much as (your)/my husband and (your)/my baby.!

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