The Meltdown in Children's Wonderland.

15 December 2008

Crap. I was that mom today. You know the one. Carrying her SCREAMING, crying devil child out of Children's Wonderland. Yep, no elf trains for us, just the burning stigma of being the mom with the bad kid. This is a new thing for me you see... being the mom of the tantrum throwing child. And what a way to go. If you're going to do it, why not do it in the happiest place in the world, with Santa and all his reindeer watching? My son is nothing, if not larger than life when it comes to all things, so I should have seen this one coming. Forty five minutes of temper tantrm throwing and incessant screaming... thankfully only 10 of it was witnessed by all of the elves in the north pole and the animatronic racoons peeking out from behind the shower curtain and the three level bunk bed.

And then there is this guy... you have to love a child who will stick his tongue out at the camera wearing a reindeer hat. Amanda and J, maybe next year, you'll win the lucky tantrum throwing scene! For now, I hope Myles enjoyed being the good baby.


Amy said...

Funny. You are so lucky that today was only your first tantrum experience. Oliver hasn't had a bad one yet, just a couple mini ones....but I feel it coming.

Mama said...

I'm glad it was your kid for a change instead of mine. That way I won't feel quite so embarrassed when my stinker is screaming and your little guy is staring so sweetly! Welcome to the club!

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