Starting With The Spoon.

28 March 2014

Dave told me that I needed to come clean to all of you about some of my quirky little things.  I believe his wording was, “People think you are normal.  I beg to differ.  Start with the spoon.”

When we were registering for our wedding, I chose our flatware by how it felt in my hand.  The look wasn’t important and the pattern name escapes me.  Names apparently aren’t important to my brain, but a fork that I am going to eat with every single day of my life needs to feel right in your hand.   Right?  {This is where you nod and agree with me.}

So, the spoon…

He makes fun of me because I have an unnatural love for eating with the sugar spoon as opposed to a regular spoon.  We rarely use the spoon for spooning sugar.  Unless you count ice cream as sugar, which I do not.  I say he’s just jealous because he probably wants to use it but he can’t because I claim it every single time.  It is far superior to regular old spoons.  And if I could for the life of me remember our everyday flatware pattern, I’d probably buy 11 more sugar spoons and throw away our teaspoons. 

I am probably a lunatic

To further convey the power of the sugar spoon’s awesomeness...  When Emily of Jelly Toast was over at my house I did, in fact, use the spoon for sugar.  Mostly, to prove to her that I am fancy enough to be her friend, “oh look, we have a spoon only for sugar,” and she was mesmerized by it’s coolness. 

Maybe mesmerized isn’t the correct feeling, but she did say it was cool. 

So, take that, Dave. 

Further confessions for this fine Friday afternoon are as follows:

I wear purple dish gloves to do the dishes.  You can blame Meme for this one.  For as far back as I can remember, she has used a yellow pair of dish gloves to do the dishes, so in high school, I started doing that too.  I also have a pink pair just for cleaning the bathroom.   

I have favorite pens, they are Bic.  Plain old stick pens.  No matter the color, so long as it isn’t red.  {If you are following along, that leaves only blue or black.}  Sharpies are also awesome writing utensils.  Additionally, the cap must be firmly affixed on the end or I will avoid using it if at all possible.  You will also rarely find a clicky pen or a cap-less pen in our house because I throw them away.  Clicky pens and the people who are pen clickers are my nemesis.

I have more straws and napkins in the house than are probably necessary.  Ikea is by far, my favorite place to buy them because they consistently have fabulous napkins for so cheap that I don’t even feel bad throwing ten new ones in my cart.  Once, when my best friend was in town, I off-handedly mentioned that I probably had 25 different napkin patterns to use at a given time.  She swore I was exaggerating my napkin affinity, until I went and showed them to her.

I’m weird.  You can pretend it’s endearing. 

Now it’s your turn, tell me something weird about you.

PS. I spent nearly forty-five minutes figuring out the flatware pattern. 

PPS. Oh look, Dave, the sugar spoons are on sale.  You probably knew the pattern all along…


Samantha @ 24 to 30 said...

Haha! I'm a pen clicker! I totally understand your love for the sugar spoon though, because I am weird about coffee mugs! I was trying to explain this to a friend one day and she looked at me like I'm nuts. Because I am, duh! A coffee mug has to be the perfect size - larger than a regular mug to hold maximum coffee, and has to be the perfect weight and smoothness in my hand. There, I'm weird!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that qualifies as weirdness, I think you just have very distinct preferences, discernment, which is a valuable trait. I really like old fashioned soup spoons, the kind that have deep and completely round bowls. But just to look at, not to use. I also have 18 demitasse spoons in a cup on the counter for stirring coffee, spooning cat food, daily tasks that would use up the teaspoon supply. Also I hate the taste of toothpaste. I found an 'alternative natural' one I liked but it made my teeth sensitive, so now I just brush and get it over with.

Michelle said...

The taste of toothpaste is a really interesting one!

Renee Anne said...

We have a spoon eccentricity in our house. We got the flatware sets for our wedding and both Husband and I avoid the regular teaspoons and go right to the soup (?) spoons. We also avoid the salad forks (we let Little Man use those).

I'm also very particular about how I load the dishwasher. Husband just throws it in where it fits and goes from there. I cannot do that and it drives me nuts when he loads the dishwasher (when I should just be thankful that he's doing it!).

Allison said...

I only like to drink water out of plastic cups and when eating pizza, I drink milk with ice in it.

Michelle said...

Allison! I am the complete opposite... only glass here. Um, and the milk with ice?? What??

Just A Normal Mom said...

Dave's wrong - you're totally normal. ;-) I see nothing wrong with the spoon you choose to use. I'd jump on that sale, though.

val said...

I'm sure there plenty more weird quirks of mine but here are two: I only eat with salad forks and teaspoons. I can't stand the big forks and huge spoons. Also, I freak out if I am not the first person to look through the mail. I think it started as a controlling thing when we were getting wedding RSVPs and getting our friend's wedding invitations.

Michelle said...

Val, you and Renee totally need to be friends! She could give you all the teaspoons and you could give her all the tablespoons! Win, win!

Unknown said...

Great idea, Dave.


I can attest that this piece of writing is my sister in her truest form. M, I could practically hear you reading it aloud.

Tanja said...

I match all my clothes by colour; closet & drawers. Some people think its off, I think its efficient and looks way better.

C Barnes said...

When my kids were in preschool through all of elementary school, I had a napkin drawer - I had character napkins, flower napkins, sports napkins, solid color napkins, all in the cocktail (small square) size. I also had the small (cake?) plates from Party City or Target in the drawer. Perfect for making snacks after school or for tucking into the lunch box. That can't be weird... :)

Dani said...

The more a spoon looks like a shovel, the more I want to eat with it. #thatisall

Katie said...

These were all interesting to read...I saw some of the same quirks that are already listed. I only like drinking out of plastic cups (for cold drinks), if I have to use glass, I like to use a straw. I LOOOOVE ice in my milk, it makes it so cold! And I hate silverware that has designs on the ends, or the ones with the chunky, plastic handles. Gag. When we were married, we registered for smooth, flat silverware...and I don't use the "big" spoons and forks, I like the "small" ones. Oh, and when we were house hunting, there were a couple houses that almost went on the NO list because the light switches weren't all in the down position when they were off....and now, if I turn one of our kitchen lights on, they both have to be turned on, so both the switches are in the same position. Um....I could keep going....but I'm slowly realizing how cra-cra I sound. Lol.

Saushan said...

Seeing or hearing people brush their teeth gives me the chills and creeps me out. I have to plug my ears or leave the room to avoid it. Blah!

Samantha Smith said...

I have two decorative, white pillows and a snowman blanket that I sleep with every, single night. IF they get washed, it must be with a ton of bleach. I want them to smell like the YMCA pool when they come back to me.
I MUST have the blanket over my ear when I sleep or I cannot sleep.
When I'm one the couch, one may not just flop next to me. It creates an invisible cloud of imaginary things that may fly into my coffee. I call it, "floofing," and if one "floofs" next to me. Be prepared for a throat punch after having to make me a new cup of coffee.
Did you only need ONE quirk? Haha

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