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14 March 2014

cell 423

My pain of a little brother left this on my computer when we went to visit him at Cincinnati last weekend.  Now you know, the weirdness runs in the family.

I should tell you that despite my slight absence, I am not, in fact, pregnant.  Not that I’d mind it one little bit.  I thought I might clear that up because one of the BFFs called to ask me on Monday when she checked in here to find that I was still on vacation. 

{Pssst… you can usually find me on Instagram.}

What have I really been doing?  Trying to survive a crazy toddler illness that I’ll tell you about tomorrow.  A post on a Saturday?  I know!  We also had a glorious 55 degree day immediately followed by snow days 12 and 13 for the year, our annual mad scramble for receipts and trek to the accountant, and a long overdue trip to see my siblings. 

Elise drove up from Kentucky and we just had a fun, low-key weekend visiting Christopher at UC.  Aunt Lisey gave them both tattoos and painted Tate’s nails a lovely lavender that she has been talking about non-stop all week.     

cell 422

Plus?  I’ve been mad prepping for Meme’s 90th birthday party.  I can not wait, she’s going to love it.  Her siblings are coming, her children are all flying and driving in, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, the whole crazy lot along with some close friends.  Now keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t snow another foot, shall we?

This was her cheerleading picture from her senior yearbook.  Fabulous.

cell 201

cell 311

What are your weekend plans?


Shannon C said...

I've missed you! My weekend plans include soaking up the sun, making carnitas and MAYBE putting laundry away.

AfGolden said...

You've been missed!! Glad you are back! :)

Just A Normal Mom said...

What a fun party that will be! Great family memories.

@JessEsco said...

Those skirts! Far cry from the bikinis the girls wear today.

I'm glad you had good plans. And welcome back :)

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