Sidewalk Chalk Party.

08 July 2013

We had all of Tate’s favorite party things… balloons, sidewalk chalk, ice cream, and as she exclaimed at least a dozen times, “happy birthday cake.”  As far as ideas go, it could not have been an easier party theme to pull together.  I picked up Chalk – A – Doos, these cute little chalk holders in the hope that it would be less messy, but she was covered from head to toe in chalk by the end of the day.  We had plenty of space open for creating and tables on the lawn.

The result?  A driveway filled with chalk art and a very happy two year old.

sidewalk chalk party 224

My cousins came over a little ahead of the party to make this giant two on the driveway that she loved.  You can’t tell from the picture, but it was enormous.

chalk art

sidewalk chalk art Disney Monsters University hat

I kept the menu effortless.  Lots of summery salads that could be made in advance and burgers on the grill.  I am definitely going to do a post on the great broccoli slaw that my friend Mara passed along.  It’s really easy and everyone loved it.

chalkboard-menu 113

make your own sundae bar

 Modified Martha Stewart Cupcake Stand Chalkboard Sundae Menu

We kept the flavors for ice cream simple, vanilla and chocolate.  Then we went a little nuts on the toppings bar with candies and syrups and of course, ice cream sprinkles.  A couple days before, I pre-scooped all of the ice cream and put it into cardboard ice cream containers and kept them in the freezer.  I made a label that looked like chalkboard with the ice cream flavor on it and added a spoon with washi tape on top.  We just brought them out when we were ready to make our own sundaes and let everyone go to town.

Cute Cardboard Ice Cream Containers

The centerpieces were just mini carnations in Ball Heritage Collection jars.  Love the blue color, it was so pretty with the pink and peachy color in the carnations.  Again, ridiculously easy idea that we did ahead of time.

092 Ball Vintage Collection Jars

The bunting was just picked up from Hob Lob ready made.  I added scrapbook paper and letter stickers to spell out her name.  I also picked up the balloon sticks there so we didn’t have to mess with helium.

Party Bunting

For all of the signage, I downloaded a free chalkboard background from Foolish Fire.  James also has blue and green for free as well as some great premium chalkboard backgrounds.  I just made a jpg of each sign and sent it to Costco for quick printing.

chalkboard-happy birthday

{All links to products I used and loved are Amazon Affiliates which means if you buy something I recommended I make pennies!  Pennies, I say!}


Yostee said...

Looks awesome!! So simple, yet still so put together! I bet she had a blast. Sidewalk chalk is always a hit.

Kristina Grum said...

Everything looks amazing! I love all the special touches you add to make it perfect!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Fabulous, as always. They may be simple ideas but you pull them all together with a fantastic flair!

@JessEsco said...

As usual, you've outdone yourself. Gorgeous.

Tawny said...

You always knock it out of the park! Such a cute, simple and fabulous birthday party. Can't wait for the slaw recipe.

: )

Ryan Knoblauch said...

Loved it!!! I want you to plan my bday next year. haha.

Anonymous said...

Such talent, creativity, and energy! You need to figure out a way to bottle it and sell it.
Love ya,
Aunt J

Alexis said...

Love it Michelle!

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful party...the kids loved it and so did the adults. Michelle, you know how to throw a fun party!
Love you
Aunt Linda

Meg Sewell said...

I'm a little late on this...but seriously. SERIOUSLY. You either need to be an event planner, or you need to publish a book! You have such a gift! There are so many people like me who can pick out cute things individually, but somehow the presentation just falls flat pulled together. You're a bigger picture person with perfection in the details, and your talent must be shared. ;)

yourfriendrobin said...

What a fun theme! Chalk is the perfect idea for a toddler party! :) I bet the kids had a ball and the icecream containers was so clever.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Seriously fun! Might have to steal this idea one day.

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