Who Cares About an Outfit? We Have Wine.

22 July 2013

Saturday at six, we realized how quickly the day escaped us which is slightly amusing because my mom had the kids most of the day.  They were ready for dinner, so Dave made some quick quesadillas and fruit for them.  After, we went shopping because I am stupidly freaking about what to wear to BlogHer.  {Yes, yes, I know that is ridiculous but this is what I do when faced with the prospect of going to Chicago with five thousand bloggers, none of which I know very well.  Are you going? If you are, please say hi.} 

Tate proceeded to have a screaming meltdown right there in Macy’s. 

She didn’t want to ride in the stroller.  Instead of telling us that, she screeched like a wild banshee.  Oh, and flailed.  How could I forget the flailing?  A loud, screeching, flailing wild banshee.  Just what Macy’s was missing, right?  I wanted to crawl under the rack of plus size dresses I was flicking through.

It just went downhill from there and suffice to say, I might be naked in Chicago.  Prepare yourselves.

By the time Dave and I realized that we hadn’t figured out anything for our dinner either, it was nearly nine and we made a quick run through the grocery on our way home.  Dave was hangry {hungry + angry, it’s a thing} and I was frazzled.

Him:  Nothing sounds good.

Me:  How about steak?

Him:  I guess, but only because I can’t think of anything better.

Me:  We could do chicken.  Or pasta.  I’m going to make a salad.

Him:  Steak is fine, I guess.

We could have called it a day and neither of us would have minded.  We were tired.  And peevish.  We could have said screw it and gotten something to pop in the microwave, turned on Netflix and sat in silence. 

And we have, on days like this, done just that. 

Instead, we came home and put the kids in bed.  I sliced mushrooms and he opened a bottle of wine.  I set the table.  He grilled.  And somewhere between the salad and Pandora playing Ben Harper, we both laughed and agreed this needed to happen more often.  Minus the flailing toddler tantrum. 

What are your favorite date nights in?


Tawny said...

Have a great time at BlogHer. You will not be naked.

: )

Shannon said...

We started playing backgammon last year while on a rainy trip to Turkey. We have continued to play (and keep score) for the last year and a half. It's a nice change from the usual TV. My other favorite evening in is just to YouTube one music video after the other and talk/sing/dance the evening away.

Yostee said...

I think the theory is to picture them naked, not show up naked! Just sayin....

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Cooking and having nights in is definitely one of my goals for the new house. It's so lovely to spend time with your spouse over a glass of wine!

Sara said...

I get hangry too. It must run in the family because my brother is just like Joe Pesci in that Snickers commercial. As for date nights, we like to do the same thing Shannon said: YouTube the most random songs we can find! Last weekend it was Snoop Lion. WOMP.

Laura said...

TV. Is that sad lol? Always TV. Occasionally a board game.

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