Ok. Ok. Pure Laziness.

12 April 2011

That is my excuse for not posting. 

I’m tired and soon to be old.  Or maybe I’m already old and living in denial. 

Either way.

This week is chock full o’ stuff to do.  Including but not limited to: an OB appointment for me, dentist appointments for Finn and me, lots of work on our bedroom {we have progress! and paint!}, closet planning, two lunches out, catching up on thank you notes, four dinners out, a pedicure, swim lessons, finding shoes for Finn, searching frantically for something {or two} for me to wear out that won’t make me cry looking in the mirror, a park visit, a birthday… 35 where the hell did you come from, and more stuff that I can’t remember because I’m too lazy to get off my ass and find my calendar. 

Incidentally, I am really that old school.  I have a date book because I forget everything unless I write it down and can refer back to it on an actual page with a date on it. 

I even write down questions I need to ask people, like my OB…  Can I go to concerts in my third trimester?  Like the night before my c-section can I possibly drive an hour and a half to see U2 with my husband because nearly a year and a half ago we paid an OBSCENE amount of cash to sit practically on Bono’s lap and I really don’t want my mom and sister to go?   

Dr A often looks at me funny and keeps it to herself that I belong in a mental institution.  She pretty much rocks.

Where was I? 

Yes, yes.  Losing my mind.

On top of all that craziness I have yet to plan a party for Finnegan.  His birthday is a week and a half away.  I seriously hope he remembers the Cars party and the Seuss party because dude… I’ve got nothin’.  He wants Spiderman so I bought a few Spidey trinkets and we were intending on having 5 of his buddies over for a superhero pizza lunch.  Since my dining room is currently housing ALL of the contents of our bedroom, minus our mattress, AND I have a blatant refusal to spend even a dime at Chuck E Cheese or the like, I am left a bit with a dumb look on my face and no plan.  So I’ve got that going for me, eh? 

So, um, how is your week going?


MommyLisa said...

My friend rented a room at a local community center that had one of those crawl around spaces with slides like at McDonald's she threw the kids in the community center room with frosting and cupcakes - then they played in the "crawl room".

No clean up and it was like really cheap. I think like $5 a kid.

Emily said...

Damn, girl, you ARE old!

Don't feel too bad about Finn's birthday. I haven't done a thing for R's party, either.

Unknown said...

Have you checked into Playground World? They rent out the place and they have a little room to have your cake and ice cream in...Madie went to a party there and they all had a lot of fun!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

If I don't write something down on my to-do list, it doesn't happen. I can't remember anything these days.

Misc Momma said...

You mentioned Spiderman and I got really excited! I was hoping you were going to come up with some amazing ideas out that I could steal. :)

Just A Normal Mom said...

OMG, please tell me your doc is letting you go to U2???? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pray for good weather and plan it at the park. Buy those cheap plastic kites for the group so they can fly like Superman. (Then there is an inherent reason for having the party at the park.) You can still have pizza. Pack a cool with cans of soda or juice boxes the night before so they are super cold - no need for glasses / ice. And whip up a batch of your sugar cookies in the shape of a Superman logo. Quick. Easy. But memorable. Good luck!

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

Hooray for a pedicure! And double hooray for a birthday! I'm sure you will come up with something fabulous for the little man's bday--I bet your epiphany will hit you in the shower one day. (That's where mine always come from anyway..)

Jackie said...

I totally thought we were going to be 34.....

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