20 April 2011

Guess what we’re doing tomorrow? 


It’ll be the first time that we’ve colored eggs with Finn.  Does that make me the worst mom in the world?  I kind of feel like maybe I am.  Coloring eggs is a messy, messy job and then you’re left with a dozen eggs to eat.  I’m more of the plastic eggs hidden and filled kind of mom.

But we’re venturing forward.  I have crayons.  I have eggs.  I have cups for coloring.

Now that I think about it, deviled eggs sound kind of good.  Stinking pregnancy cravings.   

I found a great tutorial on how to perfectly boil eggs.  There is an art to it you know.

I am also tearing my way through this.  I found Matt’s blog three years ago.   Is anyone else reading it?



belles♥mom said...

Um, yeah we've never done eggs with Annie either, so we're at least tied for worst mom ever! We might do them but then again I suck at deviled eggs, so who knows?

I just read a review of "Two Kisses" the other day but I wasn't sure I could get through the emotion of it all. Let me know how it is, I'm very interested to hear what ya think!

~*Jess*~ said...

Oooh we're doing ours this weekend. I won a copy of #2K4M (that's Twitter talk for you). Can't wait to start reading it. I'm currently ruining a friend's copy of Water for Elephants. I should just buy her a replacement now seeing as how I've spilled milk on it and bent it.

Mommy Lisa said...

We do them - did them last night. Its one of t-bone's jobs. Easter Eggs, Pumpkin Carving and Frosted Christmas Cookies. ;)

Erin said...

We are tackling easter eggs tonight. My daughter will be 3 on the 26th and it's our first time too!!! I think she will love it, but I am pretty sure I will not love the mess *sigh*

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