23 April 2011


Today Finnegan James, you are four years old.  I am not sure where the time went or how you went from being a baby to a boy overnight.  Frankly, I’d like it if you slowed down a bit and allowed me to be your Mama just a little longer.

You’ve become more and more independent every day.  My shy boy is gone and in his place is an outgoing, Spiderman loving, silly boy that is quick to make friends.  We went to the dentist last week and you walked back to the chair, hopped up into it, had a conversation with the hygienist and made funny faces into the camera without so much as a second look to see if I was there.  It was a proud and shocking moment for me.


You have been writing your own name for months, but now you’ve added Mom and Dad, plus Monty and Dexter when we spell them for you.  You LOVE playing PBS Kids games on the computer and somehow figured out how to give yourself a user id, Finn473.  We are pretty sure that you’re an evil computer genius like your daddy.  You’re counting objects to twelve, and to nineteen object-less... twenty somehow doesn’t exist in your world anymore.  Your daddy reads books to you every night and your favorites are anything Spiderman or Biscuit, as well as Cars Get In Gear, Dinah the Cat, and Submarine Sam.  You don’t watch much tv, but when you do, you love Scooby Doo {at Gigi’s house}, Spiderman {on Netflix}, Curious George, and Clifford.  Your newest thing is running out to the kitchen in the morning to tell us what time it is.  You love Hi Ho Cherry O, Memory, and we play more tic tac toe than is probably ‘normal’… you’re obsessed with winning and when we catch you cheating we call you out on it. 

We’re working on the frustration you feel when you lose and being kind to those you’re playing with when you win.  You’re mostly a happy fun boy, but you have quite the fiery personality when things don’t go your way.  Daddy and I don’t put up with much of that and you get marched to your room until you calm down enough to talk to us nicely.  It seems like day by day you’re more and more headstrong about your opinions, but you’re learning to solve things diplomatically.  You are also trying to ‘negotiate’ getting your way which we find endlessly entertaining. 

001 006 007 010

According to you…

Your favorite color is red, blue, and black.  Spiderman colors. 

Your favorite drink is apple juice because it’s sweet and yummy and delicious. 

Your favorite food according to you is, “junk which means candy” but, I’ve noticed that you really seem to love watermelon, guacamole, Mini Wheat cereal, and mac n cheese too.   

Your favorite movie is Cars.

Your favorite song is Spiderman and Frosty the Snowman.  {And you sing This Old Man about 283820 times a day.}

You also wanted me to note that you love everything that is Spiderman… {I’m pretty sure that came through loud and clear my sweet bug.}

Daddy and I could not be more proud to be your parents and to see what the coming years will bring.  We love you more than words can express Finna.  Happy Fourth Birthday!


Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

Happy Birthday, Finn!

MommyLisa said...

Boo Boo's FAVORITE bedtime song is Spiderman. Its AWESOME.

Happy Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday Finn!

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