Valentine’s Day Treats

25 January 2011

Need some quick and easy Valentine’s Day treat ideas?  Enjoy these oldies, but goodies from last year.

Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Oreos & a quick tutorial on how to make those cute chocolate hearts.

Vanilla-Almond Valentine Cookies

We’re trying to decide what our Valentine treats will be this year.  Any suggestions?


Misc Momma said...

I just made this:
I made it for a high school wrestling meet this weekend. The kids were fighting over the bags by the end. Easy peasy.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Those oreos look AMAZING.

♥Georgie♥ said...

I remember those YUMMY!!!!

Two Normal Moms said...

Glad you put the link to the oreos back up! I was thinking I was going to go looking for it in your archives :-)

Stacy Kaye said...

YUM~I think I need to make those!

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