Challenge: 29 Gifts - Days 18-27

02 November 2008
And because I didn't write them down as I was doing them... I am sure that one (or ten) have been forgotten.

  • Finnegan got a trip to the zoo.
  • We visited D's Oma.
  • I made blueberry pancakes for my boys last Saturday.

  • I sent four thank you notes.
  • I took dinner to a friend that just had a baby.
  • I made cupcakes for Dave to take to his office peeps.

  • I spent Thursday night at cheerleading tryouts handling the judging so Cheryl didn't have to.
  • We took Finn to visit everyone on Halloween & took treats to give.
  • I hosted the Arm & Hammer House Party yesterday and gave everyone goodie bags.

  • I gave totally unsolicited marriage advice. :-)
  • I made breakfast for my Dad, Lori, Chris, & Elise. That one was actually kinda fun since my Dad always has to cook family breakfasts, he got a break!


Anonymous said...

hahaha what a dork I am!

Amanda said...

I agree..what a dork heather is!

Emily said...

And your friend really appreciated her dinner. It was super tasty!

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