I saw that doggie dog guy, well apparently he raps.

26 August 2008
A couple years ago, my mom was in Miami for a builder's convention. She and her friend Gale got to the hotel early and find that it is so packed, it's hard to get in the hotel. She thought it was the convention, but a apparently there is a big concert that night.

So my mom doesn't think anything of it and she decides to go for a run before they go to dinner. When she gets back there are bazillion peeps in the area just outside of the lobby and she can't get through.  She is hot, sweaty, and annoyed.

Then a guy in {her words} "a 1970s shiny, ugly, jogging suit wearing sunglasses" sees her pushing her way through.  He sees her and says, "C'mon in. Hey. Get out of her way. Hi. Did you have a nice run?"

She says back, "Yep. Thanks. Have a nice day," and continues through to the doors of the hotel.

This is the conversation that follows:

Porter 1 - DO YOU know who that is??

Mom - No.

Porter 1 - That's Snoop Dogg.  {D-O-double G, you see.}

Mom - Isn't he the guy from the Lee Iaccoca commercial??

Porter 1 & Porter 2 & Doorman - *hysterical laughter*


Jen said...

I like your mom. I'm oblivious to pop culture and probably wouldn't recognize those people, either.

AnnMarie said...

Klassic...I love it! LMAO!

Kelly said...

Seriously these stories will have me laughing for awhile! Your mom is great! =0)

Emily said...

Your mom cracks me up.

lyndsey said...

How about the time she met Trent from NIN and she made him help her with her recyclables? That story is better.

MommyLisa said...

Ha ha ha! Love it.

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