I am stupid tired.

09 August 2008
{Photo courtesy of: GETTY IMAGES}

I have been up watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics and China did not disappoint. It was a really captivating ceremony.

I love the Olympics. I know this makes me a dork, but there is something all dreamy and idyllic about the entire world coming together and putting all most of their shit aside.

And there is nothing like the electricity in the air during the games. I lived in Atlanta for the summer of 1996 when they hosted the games and I have yet to find any party as big or as far reaching as those that summer. We cooked dinner for the Irish boxing team. We got drunk with people from all over the world. I will never forget waking up to Adam's mom calling, wondering why he wasn't ready for the womens gymnastic competition and making it downtown in completely illegal record time. That night we went to bed at 5 am. We didn't sleep for about 3 weeks. It was a summer unlike any other in my life.

I hope there is a girl in China partying with her friends and making memories that will last her lifetime.


Amanda said...

I am completely the same way. I LOVE the Olympics!!!
They are totally throwing off my sleep schedule though, everything on so late is rough to watch!

AnnMarie said...

I love the pic with the FAKE fireworks....pshhh China.

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