Outside Kind of Girl.

12 May 2014

Outdoorsy.  Nature lover.  Frolicking in the great outdoors.

If someone were to describe me, these phrases wouldn’t ever be a first choice. 

No ma’am.  I was never an outside kind of girl.  You wouldn’t catch me camping, sleeping under the stars, or just communing with nature for the fun of it.  Or hiking.  Or canoeing for fun, playing in the dirt, climbing trees, or really, anything super nature-y.  

I was the brainy, bookish girl over there in the corner.

So you can imagine that I have no idea where she gets this…

010 019

Ever since she could walk, the second she was outside, she’d grab a leaf or run her hands through the mulch.  Every moment of every day, she wants to be outside.  Digging in the dirt, carrying a stick, laying in the grass, and jumping in puddles, it’s her jam.

Outside kind of girl.


Samantha said...

That is fantastic! I got to spend some time with Roxy and my niece digging in the dirt this weekend :)

Sara said...

I love that you "let" her get dirty. I'm not a clean-freak by any means, just an inside reading a book, prefers organized activities type of girl.

It's an internal struggle for me to let my kid get dirty, but paint splatters, grass stains and dirty fingernails... that's where the fun's at. :)

Michelle said...

HAAA Sara! I struggle with this too. This didn't happen on my watch... she was outside with Daddy and her brother digging a hole in the yard and filling it with water. I don't mind her playing and getting dirty, but dude she needed a shower after this.

Unknown said...

I had one like this...Really I still do and she is 14. I cannot tell you how many rocks and twigs I took out of the pockets when doing the wash. She loves to be outside and I often still find her in our garden or up the tree in our yard! I love it!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

My kind of girl! ;)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

She's a get-your-hands-dirty kind of girl and that's awesome! But I'm like you, inside all the way.

Unknown said...

I love an outside kinda girl!

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