I’ll Take the Davester for 1800, Alex.

22 March 2012

Dave and I play Jeopardy. 

We also make fun of Alex when he acts like a pompous ass about answers that the three contestants screw up. 

Oh no, sorry, you mispronounced part of the answer.  It is, what is soy un culo pomposo?  If you would have said it with an exaggerated, fake Spanish accent, we would have given you the points, but alas dear contestant, with minus eleventy billion, you don’t get to move on to final Jeopardy.

As if you knew the answer without cards right in front of you, ALEX.

We used to keep score on a spreadsheet, with actual dollar amounts, but then we had Tate and life is too busy for keeping Jeopardy spreadsheets.  To be fair, we never subtracted for wrong answers and we’re {obvs} not like freaking Mensa over here, we’re just highly competitive and I’m not going to lie, a little assholeish in our Jeopardy play.

I was the overall winner by like a million points but who is counting. 

Now we just shout out answers and I still win, but Dave can lie and say that he’s winning because scores aren’t being kept and four {almost five} year olds named Finnegan are also yelling out answers that he’s heard other {read smarter and adult-er} people in the house yell out and then he pretends that HE is winning.  So, now I’ve got two cheating bastards on my hands, but I digress.

He would beat me on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire though 9 times out of 10.  Those questions are harder by a mile because they are all over the place, but you get more time and time is good to the Davester.  He seriously knows the most random information from engineering terms to geekery things and all things music related.  I suck at the math things and he remembers the Pythagorean Theorem and how to deviate shit which is the only way I passed college Calculus.  Not going to lie, that Statistics grade was all him too.

Before you think he’s a genius or something, he also does really stupid shit all the time… including the story of when he {also Jeopardy related} started calling himself the Davester.

So there’s that.  And the belt buckle.  And the one about the thumb.  And the time he ruined Elton John because he wouldn’t sneak a camera in because he stinks

But I still like him. 

And I still win at Jeopardy. 

Suck it Trebeck.


Amy said...

Love it! This sounds like my house, too. Madie was born during Jeopardy. Drew was actually shouting out answers while I pushed. I wasn't too crazy about Jeopardy at that moment :0)

the cape on the corner said...

i love jeopardy, but i'm always afraid of being wrong and looking like an ass. so i whisper, or say the answer in my head...but then no one believes you when you're right.

also...alex trebeck is in my "old man orgy." yes, that's right, i've just publically admitted the existance of this.

Laura said...

Haha, SO with you on Alex rubbing it in! His accent is out of control most of the time! I always make the hubs watch Jeopardy with me, because let's face it- it's no fun to shout out the right answer when no one is there to think you're awesome.

AfGolden said...

LOL! LG and I...no, lets be honest, LG plays along with Jeopardy...I don't know anything..lol. I do like watching it though and every once in a while they will have a category that I can get into. lol. Usually it is the category that when I answer LG is looking at me like I've lost my mind. I know he is thinking, "how in the world do you know that and why would you want too???" lol! OH well...I'm crazy like that! :)

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I. love. JEOPARDY! My mom's boyfriend and I used to yell at the screen too. It was one of my favorite parts of the visit. We didn't keep score but sort of mentally would be like NO I'm WINNING!

I haven't watched it in ages. My old roomie and I used to do the same thing and I always won. It made me feel super smart.

I sort of feel like I need to revisit Alex - I miss him. The Most Jeopardy play I've had is watching old SNL reruns and laughing at Alex, Sean and Turd Fergeson.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love that you kept score! Hehe. I would not want to go up against my husband in a game like that because he would definitely kick my butt. He just knows those random things.

Karen said...

His accents are THE WORST.

Jennifer said...

I love Jeopardy. I used to keep track of my score on a calculator. Til my husband laughed his ass off at me. It is a goal of mine to go on the show.

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