27 March 2012

My friend Lori and I threw a sweet little shower for our friend Jen who is expecting a baby girl in just a few short months.  She is one of those glowing, perfect pregnant Mamas with the tiny little baby bump.  She looks freaking adorable. 


It was so nice to shower her with lots of fun baby gifts and spend an afternoon with some of my very favorite women. They are hilarious and completely riotous and they are still friends with me despite my f-bombs. We always tease Jen for having a box full of chicken trophies from her younger years… she was apparently one hell of a chicken raiser. Thus, the silly chicken sign.

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There were lots of goodies including our group’s “must have,” Emily’s Party Bread. We also had cake pops, strawberry cupcakes, delicious fresh fruit skewers, sea salt chocolate covered Oreos, a make your own veggie pizza bar, and other goodies.

Lori also whipped up a batch of these {found via Pinterest} for those of us not baking a baby.


I also should mention that Lori is a hygienist so a million years ago when she was in school, we {and by we, I mean, I can accept the blame solely} started calling her DentaLori and it stuck.  So when I forgot the ribbon for hanging the paper lanterns, we substituted with none other than floss.  She’s got that in massive supply at her house and it put a signature minty freshness on the decorations. 


We can’t wait to meet baby girl, Jen. 



Ms. Kang said...

You gals throw a great party! Looks like a fab time :)

Anonymous said...

How fun!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Can you throw me a party? Seriously, you throw GREAT parties. I resource your blog when looking for ideas!

Yostee said...

My kids LOVE Stinky Face!!! That's how we end our evening ritual - "I love you stinky face" :o)

Stacey said...

Looks fabulous! I'm even more bummed I missed seeing you all & partaking in those delicious treats. LMAO on the my cousin ;)

Bunny @ 86n It said...

As if I already didn't wish I could be there enough! Love love love it!
Love the chickens and onesie cupcake decor, plus the floss! Haha! I'm sort of hating Jen for not having the pregnant puffy face!

Unknown said... the pink:))

Lori said...

LOL Stace and Bunny!

It was a fun shower!!

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