Some Zzzzs.

01 March 2012

I don’t know if it is the getting older thing.  Or the mom thing.  Or the time to myself thing.  Or some other thing.  Sleep has been evading me lately. 

I text my sister Elise who is away at college regularly at 2 am.  Because she is the only other person I know in the world who is up at 2 am when normal people are fast asleep.  She watched Goonies last night and she called it a BORE.  What is wrong with her?

I play Words With Friends.


I blog.  I Facebook.  I Tweet.

I watch Jimmy Kimmel and then some seriously crappy TV... this is what happens when you live without cable.  

Yes, I know that media / electronics / stimulation doesn’t help the situation.

Neither does the 8 month old who wakes up in the night.

Or the almost five year old who wakes up ridiculously early in the morning.

I lay there and try to will myself to sleep and think about punching the Davester since he is the kind of person who can hop into bed and be sawing logs ten seconds later.  Of course I could punch him, but he would wake up for mere seconds and be back to sleep in a blink.  It is maddening and jealousy inducing all in one.

So spill it, are you an insomniac too?  Or one of the lucky ones who can fall asleep in seconds?  What are your fall asleep tips?


Amanda said...

I'm pretty lucky; most of the time I fall asleep as soon as I get in bed.

P.S. The Goonies? Awesome movie! And Words with Friends? Addicting!

Kelly said...

I usually read for about 45 minutes to an hour and then when my eyes are shutting and I can no longer hold my nook I pass out..seems to be working pretty well but I have definitely been there with the insomnia! Hope it gets better! Maybe once Tate starts sleeping all through the night your mommy brain won't keep you actively awake so late?

Yostee said...

I USED to be one who could fall asleep before my head hit the pillow. Now, I have a 4 month old napper. He doesn't sleep at night, he takes naps. Sleeps for 2 or so hours, awake for about 2 hours, back to sleep. It makes it real awesome when I get home about 1145, he's sleeping, up around 1-130 back to sleep between 3-4. Dad gets up at 5. Vincent has night terrors, so I never know what I am going to get with him. I figured the last 4 nights I have had 7 hours of sleep total. I could KILL for 2 solid hours of sleep!!!

Facebook, Pinterest and Words are by far the most used apps on my phone and the usage time is usually between midnight at 4am. I love the fact I have somebody to play words, even though you may score 30 points with one letter and send me a message to boast about it!!! Bah hah hah

This will eventually end, right?!?! We will sleep again sometime, right?!?! If not, just lie to me and tell me it will happen!!!!

P.S. - I have never seen Goonies... some call me unamerican!!

Anonymous said...

Gah! This is totally something I have been dealing with lately! My little one just turned one and suddenly naptime/bedtime just isn't as fun as it used to be.

Now I take advantage of my 'alone time' when everyone is asleep (book/blog reading, writing, show watching, etc.) even though it really messes with my own sleep schedule.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

Emily said...

The only reason I've gotten any sleep over the past 8 months or so is because of drugs. Lunesta is my friend.

Anonymous said...

I can sleep anywhere. I have never had trouble sleeping. Try exercising. I am so tired an hour afterward that I crash.

Anonymous said...

I excercise 3 hours before bed and I take an hour to relax without any electronic stimulation. I usually fall asleep pretty quickly.

Just A Normal Mom said...

I admit it, I fall asleep easy all but two days month, when I have period induced insomnia. But reading and melatonin are my sleeping remedies when I can't sleep.

Unknown said...

Why don't you trying taking Melatonin? I have the same problem when going to sleep most nights and I have been thinking about starting that stuff.

belles♥mom said...

I've been a non-sleeper for years, recently I read about a deep breathing/gradual relaxation technique and it has really helped me. (I'm also a huge advocate of punching ones husband though, it really can make you feel better!) :)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That insomnia thing hasn't really affected me all that much, thank goodness. I'm sorry that it's bugging you!

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