23 March 2012

Today, my Meme turns 88.  I would say 88 years young, but she would call me on my bullshit.

She quietly keeps our secrets.  She marvels at our achievements.  She laughs at our irreverent humor.  I wish more than anything that all of you could know her awesomeness.

She is the sun and the moon and the stars.

Happy Birthday Meme, you are immeasurably loved.  I’m glad Ohio State pulled a win out of their asses for you, I know it is all the present you wanted.

Tate 159


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture! How blessed you are to have a Meme! When I reach that age, I too hope I am the sun, moon and the stars in my grandchildren's eyes! Adorable. Perhaps you've obtained some of her awesomeness from her?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Meme!

Diane said...

she's beautiful.

Just A Normal Mom said...

How sweet. I hope I am a loved grandmother like that some day!

Yostee said...

Happy Birthday to you Meme. I hear 88 is the new 44 which is the new 22. Guess this means this is going to be a fantabulous year!!!!

Michelle - you are so lucky to have a great lady in your life!!!!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Aww, grandmas are the best! Happy birthday to Meme!

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