Christmas Ideas?

05 December 2010

Obviously Christmas is going to be way scaled back for us this year.  I just don’t have any energy to get out and attempt to shop, so we’re not even going to worry about it and the adults… well they’re going to have to understand.  Dave and I aren’t even doing gifts for each other. 

The issue is Finn.  I need a list for him from us and grandparents also want to have a list so that means quite a few things to come up with and he has given me a few things to go from, but aside from just a couple wants, he doesn’t have any ideas.  I have some clothes ideas, but obviously everyone wants to get him a couple fun things too.

I am searching for fun stuff in the 3-4 age range.  We did get him a Tag Reader after lots of recommendations.  He loves Duplos, Ikea train tracks, anything Toy Story or Disney Cars, and books of all kinds.  We have a Wii and would love to find some little kid games that are fun and easy to use.

So tell me what did your boys {or girls if its a universally fun toy} like at that age? 


Katie Olthoff said...

Adam is only 2, but I tried to look at his toys and see what he is interested in, but doesn't have. So for us, that means dinosaurs and firetrucks. I also got him this puzzle and a Kidizoom camera.

lo said...

One of my brothers is 3 and he is OBSESSED with trains. Thomas rules this house and he also has been asking for Chuggington trains this year. I got him a pillow pet for his birthday that he sleeps with every night. (I kind of want one for myself- not gonna lie!)

I'm debating getting this game for him this year for the Wii:

I'm actually having a really hard time deciding what to get him so I'll be checking out this post to get some more ideas!

Stacy Kaye said...

Hmm...I don't know about that age, but our guy is CRAZY for trains and has asked us multiple times for a train table for Christmas. Does Finn have the table for the trains?? You can get a variety of styles. We are going wtih the Imaginarium one from Toys R Us, his grandparents are buying it for him.

What about Art?? Ikea has an AWESOME art easel. Rusty's other grandparents are buying him that this year and his uncle is buying him a bunch of art supplies. He can paint and draw on it and the other side is a chalk board.

MommyLisa said...

Just Dance is a HUGE hit at Boo Boo's daycare. All the kids like to play - for a Wii game idea.

Anonymous said...

did you get him the toy story duplos yet (there are several sets)? I know that even up to age 8, Reece still enjoyed playing with his Duplo Toy story sets.
-Kelly T

Anonymous said...

oops, I meant his duplo Cars sets! Whateva, they have both :)

Scrappy and love it! said...

My little one loves to play dress up (Even with girly kind of stuff) so I am going to get him some boy dress up stuff. Cowboy hat and holster. Super man cape (I found cute ones on rain boots and umbrella (I know, not really dress up but he loves his brother and sister's so much) I hope he likes it....

Holly Lefevre said...

Um, little one is the same age and I have no clue. I am thinking about that same camera mentioned up there. I am also creating an art box (more girly perhaps). Trains ruled the house at that age when my son was younger...shall I send all of our thomas stuff to you?

Oh wait...big good quality wood blocks (in all shapes( were given to my son at age daughter loves them and we use them as part of the train set and with hot wheels, Little People, etc.
My other vote, a scooter.

911shazza said...

My son is 4 1/2 and he's obsessed with playmobil... the air ambulance helicopter is fantastic and he's really hoping santa brings him a fire truck. Trains are huge in our house with both boys (my other guy is almost 2). Sebastian got the camera for his birthday and although he loves it, the picture quality is questionable at best... even when an adult takes it, still super blurry (that was the vtech camera we got). And what about a totally awesome book like My Penguin Osbert?

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