Things I Love Today. {that aren’t my family or friends}

08 December 2010
  1. Snail mail.  Everyone loves seeing a pretty colorful envelope mixed in with bills and ads that you just recycle, there is just something about a card filled with happy thoughts that makes my day.
  2. Cracky ice.  I am weird and love the ice that you get from the store because it’s rough rather than smooth.  It’s pretty much an obsession and Dave has been buying bags of it for me since I got sick.  The ice obsession started before the sick thing, but I have to say because of the iron deficiency it has amped up a bit.
  3. Oranges.  Also we’ve figured out is due to the iron thing, I’ve been eating several oranges a day. 
  4. Christmas lights.  Even though the tree isn’t decorated yet, those twinkling lights just make me so happy.
  5. The Sing Off on NBC.  It started on Monday and it’s on again tonight, there is something magical about the sounds that come out of these people as a group.  It’s insane.  Watch it.
  6. Real hot chocolate.  If you haven’t made it, do it.  I added a cinnamon stick to the cream last time and a shot of espresso.  Absolutely lovely.
  7. Shower/Baths.  OK, this one is weird, I’ll admit.  I always thought I’d want to live in a huge house and have a separate shower and bath, but I’d miss the combo of the two.  Close the drain, turn the shower on as hot as you can stand it and just lay or sit there as it rains down on you and fills up around you.  Taking a shower/bath in the dark is my go to for curing sleepless nights, it’s so relaxing you feel like you’ve been massaged.  Bubbles are optional.

What’s something you love today?


@JessEsco said...

I TOTALLY love snail mail that doesn't involve something from a company--unless they're sending me a free gift card. And I lately have a craving for oranges which I bought last night. They better be damn good.

Meg said...

I've be SO craving hot chocolate lately, I'll have to try your recipe. MMmmmmm!

MommyLisa said...

So cute! I only make real hot chocolate and sometimes get this to give it Mexican flavor!

Shannon said...

Homemade hot chocolate is out of this world!!!! And as I already mentioned on FB I'm a shower/bath taker too. I no longer have a bathtub as bathrooms don't seem to be a priority here, but my drunk/hungover go to move is just a shower (I avoid the s/b for fear of drowning). And I mean a long shower. Water bill be damned. I try to be kind to the environment, but if I'm hungover I only care about feeling better.

I also love naps,sand between my toes, salty ocean hair, cooking dinner for myself, shopping alone, the smell of citrus and a few other things I won't bore you with...

Happy Holidays!!!

Shannon said...

and yes, salty ocean hair (ocean air is great too) but my hair always looks great after a swim in the ocean.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the Christmas cards in the mail - especially from my husband's kooky aunt. Her stories are epic. She sends a card with a story for every holiday Hallmark makes a card for.

Everyday Mama said...

I love all of these things too...well except for the ice but I never gave it much thought. Actually now that I think about it, crushed ice at a restaurant is so much better than anything at home. Happy Holidays!!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I'm in love with the Sing Off. It's sooooo good!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I love cards in the mail, too. And Christmas lights - especially in a dark house - I don't know, there's just something about them that soothes my soul. -Ally

Merrily said...

Don't laugh but I am on a hot chocolate kick right now. I crave it more than I crave wine (so you know that is saying a lot)! I haven't made "real hot chocolate" in a long time but now I'm going to make it tomorrow if it stops snowing long enough for me to go to the store!

Something that I love today (and everyday) is seeing a dog slick its ears back because they are so happy to see you! It is one of the most precious things. It always makes and melt....and laugh. :-)

Merrily said...

Just wanted to let you know that I made real hot chocolate tonight and it was delicious. Instead of adding espresso I added a little Kahlua :)

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