Happy New Year, Dave Threw Up in my Sink.

31 December 2010

Ours is a love story of the ages, puke filled sink and all…

If you’re a long time reader, you’ll probably remember that Dave and I were friends for 6 months before we started dating.  I tried to hook him up with my sister.  And my best friend.  And I thought he was a sweet guy, but totally NOT my type.  You know, because I liked dating unavailable assholes at the time.  So, how did it finally happen?  I let him kiss me and he was a shockingly good great kisser so really, I thought we would fool around for a few months and be done with it.  This story is from that time.

Our first New Year together, we had been dating about 6 or so weeks and by dating I mean fooling around and hanging out and having fun.  Not dating like I was going to marry this guy.  I was saving that for the guy I would actually end up with you know, not some college guy.

So how did we spend our first New Year?  A romantic dinner?  Not for us.  He was still in college at the time and college guys don’t generally think of things like romantic dinners.  We went to a party at his friend Jason’s house with probably twenty other of his friends and we had a little too much fun. 

I’m pretty sure there are videos of that night that I would rather just pretend didn’t exist. 

Halfway through the night, I started to notice that maybe, just maybe he wasn’t going to be able to drive me home so I stopped drinking.  A party is one thing, but having to spend the night on the floor at someone’s house I barely knew didn’t seem like a fun idea.

Now, Dave claims even to this day, that it was the Jello shots that did it, but I am pretty sure that drinking out of the giant Heineken bottle with Jon {I would be remiss not to mention that Jon continues to maintain his innocence all of these years later despite the photographic evidence of him hoisting the giant Heiney bottle while Dave drinks it} that put him just enough over the edge. 

We went back to my apartment and he proceeded to throw up in my bathroom sink and all over himself.  Oh, did I mention that we were fooling around at the time and he insisted that he was fine?  Pointer for you college guys: running to the bathroom and vacating the contents of your stomach usually is a mood killer.

So I convinced him to get into the shower because um, he was covered in beer smelling vomit and the next morning I asked him to leave. 

He went back to Jason’s and proceeded to tell the whole sordid tale to Jason & his girlfriend Kerry.  He was sure SO sure that I would never talk to him again.  Really, I probably shouldn’t have.  He called,  offered to come clean the bathroom, and brought me flowers.  Then he apologized and has never in all of the years we’ve been together EVER gotten sick from drinking again.

And so I just want to take a second today to tell him that I’m glad I can still make fun of him for the whole internet’s amusement about puking in my sink and I’m happy I didn’t go running.  I’m also pretty sure that he owes Kerry big time for the suggestion of bringing flowers.  I am also sure that your mom {hi Sue} is going to be REALLY proud of you when she reads this.

Have a SAFE, happy {non-vomit filled} HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Anonymous said...

eeeeuuuuuuwwww! Young love and New Years are so romantic, no? Kidding. That's actually a very funny story and I'm sure Dave appreciates that the world now knows the sordid tale of his New Years Pukefest :) Happy New Year!!

Ashlee Martin Smith said...

Hahahahaha!!! Isn't it insane how we all end up together?!

belles♥mom said...

Oh if only I knew how to post pics on your blog,the photographic evidence is EPIC! It was certainly a night to remember {or shall I say a night we should all forget, "break dancing" and all! hahaha}. Cheers to the New Year!

Michelle said...

Nik, let's just keep the photographic evidence out of the blog, shall we?? Ahhhh good times. And weirdly, all the girls from that night are still around. We must have done something right... or wrong...

Meg said...

HAHAHA! smart guy to bring flowers. very smart.

Just A Normal Mom said...

That is hilarious. Puke in the sink - niiiiice.

I love how you started dating, because I was friends with my husband for 9 months before I agreed to have a "date". Turns out he could cook... and kiss. Never thought I'd marry him either! .... we're at 18 years of marriage!

Unknown said...

Happy New YEar!

Missy said...

Love this story!
Happy New Year!

MommyLisa said...

I wasthisclose to never speaking to T-Bone again after he gave me a KEY to his apartment on our third date. :P

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Oh boy - that was awesome. That's a story to save for your kids until they're MUCH older. I didn't want to go on a date with my husband because I thought he was too nice for me - I was in the dating assholes stage too. I'm so glad my friends forced an intervention on me and insisted I let him take me out! The rest is history.

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