Challenge: 29 Gifts - Days 28 & 29

04 November 2008
Yesterday was my 28th day. We decided to give a visit to Meme. She always gets the biggest kick out of Finnegan and I think our suprise visit made her day.

How very strange and lovely that my 29th day of giving was today. Today, my gift was my vote for Senator Obama. I am so happy to be a part of this process. It humbles me that we've had record turnouts all over this great nation of ours. I am PROUD of my friends who haven't voted in the past getting out to vote today. I don't care if this was your first time voting or your 25th time, becoming a part of the process is such a leap for democracy.

So. What have I learned from this whole 29 days of giving? I have learned that there is so much goodness in the world, it can't even be contained. I have witnessed so many smiles, tears, hugs, and laughter throughout these days. I am glad I participated in this challenge. I hope that even if it is a smile, holding a door for someone, or bringing a friend a cup of coffee, that I continue to give daily, with intention. It makes me feel good, it makes my husband do nice things. It allows our son to learn from our example and witness kindness in his daily life.

Your children will see what you're all about by what you live rather than what you say. - Wayne Dyer

Thank you for all of you who thought I was a weirdo but supported me anyway. Thank you for all of you who started this challenge yourselves. Thank you for everyone that gave me an encouraging word, smile, or gift throughout these last 29 days. Mostly, thank you to my very supportive husband who has been doing his own nice things for me and for others. You are always there to help me with my hairbrained ideas. You let me spend 'your money' on gifts to others. I love you even if you voted for McCain.


Elise said...

just letting you know how stupid your youngest sister is, i reread this probably 5 times until i got that it said today was my 28th day, instead of today was my 28th birthday. i know, dumb, but i was extremely confused, thought you were trying to trick everyone into believing you were under 30. and yes, maybe i'll start checking up on your blog every once in a while. so write about me!

ps. your man won ohio, thats as much as i've heard. i'm thinking he'll take it all, if only i had been born a month and a half earlier.

Amy said...

It's ok, Elise, I had to read it again as well! LOL!

AnnMarie said...

I highly doubt you'll end your giving because the 29 days are over...I bet it's something you continue to do.

the jonald said...

That last passage you wrote was So Wonderful, So Marvelous I could barely contain my emotions. Just from reading your post today I avoided a physical confrontation with someone who pulled out in front of me while I was driving. Instead, I just gave them the middle finger & smiled. I guess I should not make fun of you since Myles got free swim lessons out of it.

Michelle said...

My Dearest J,
I am currently looking for that picture of you in a beautifying face mask to publish for all the internet to see. You are lucky you married well so Myles still has a fighting chance to be normal.
Your Loving Cousin.

the jonald said...

Now that is hitting below the belt!

Amy said...

What? Your husband voted for McCain? ...and to think I thought he seemed like a real likable guy. j/k

I'm curious about this 29 gifts, is it a concept you came up with on your own? What a wonderful thing. I'll have to keep reading more...

Michelle said...


Sharon said...

AWESOME! I'm really excited to be so deliberate about giving. I'm reminded again and again how selfish I can be, but here's my chance to work on that!

thanks for showing me this!

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