Dinner, glorious dinner.

26 April 2008
We had a most excellent dinner party last night that I had intended on taking photos of and well, forgot. So, instead of getting the super model at 2 am, you get her hideous alter ego... aka, "the morning after girl".

The Menu
  • Salad - romaine, craisins, cinnamon Tabasco almonds, granny smith apple, & homemade vinegrette
  • roasted asparagus with lemon
  • orzo pasta with feta, dried cherries, and fresh basil with a lemon & olive oil dressing
  • Zingerman's french bread
  • grilled shrimp
  • bacon wrapped filets

And of course... the most important part...

a pitcher of Bunny's crazy rum juice and our excellent guests brought a pitcher of apple margies.

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Amanda said...

that menu sounds so freakin amazing! Ill bet it was delish!

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