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13 April 2008

So I'm no Blondie, but you can still hook a girl up with a phone call on my new birthday celly! YKW rocked the gift giving this year! So yeah, he had a cheat from my list, but I LOVE my new phone. I don't even care that it looks like a Barbie, should be carried by a sixteen year old, Paris Hilton wanna be phone. I was crazy surprised since I thought for sure he'd go for the spa day. Here's how it went down...

YKW: *casually puts wrapped gift on living room table, he knows full well that I can't deal with temptation of a wrapped gift. Ever. It is torture.*

me: What's that? My birthday present? Can I open it?

YKW: Sure.

me: *thinking for sure it is a TRICK!* Really?

YKW: *not paying attention to me typing on the computer* Yep.

me: *even MORE thinking it is a trick* Can I REALLY open it?

YKW: Yep. *clickety click click click type type* It's just an empty box so if you want to open it go ahead.

me: Damn it! Really? Can I seriously open it? Are you tricking me? Why is it empty? It's really empty?

YKW: Open it. It's just a place holder so you had something to open.

me: Well that isn't fun! Can I still open it?

( If I may interject here... You see how sad I am folks? I would rather open an empty box than to not open anything at all and today isn't even my real birthday.)

YKW: Sure.

me: *running over to get the box* Wait there is something in there!

YKW: *smiles*

And so he totally went over to Sprint this afternoon and hooked me up. He was praying the whole time he was gone that I didn't try to use my (old) cell phone and call Sprint complaining that it didn't work. He's a crafty fellow, that Dave.


Lori said...

Nice choice D!!! Now you and I are cell twins . . . cough*dorks*cough!!! :)

Michelle said...

Whatevs. Me thinks my husband is trying to morph me into DentaLori... if he brings me home one of those fancy ultra sonic dealies for my teeth I'm going to get suspicious.

Lori said...

muahahhahhaahhaa :)

Dave said...

Happy birthday!

P.S. Your Sonicare is on its way :)

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