I'm BIZ-A watching the Office.

03 April 2008
Please share your most favorite Office episodes in the comments section.

And thank sweet Jesus that it is BACK next week. Oh Office, how I have missed thee. Lovely, hilarious Office, you make me pee a little every time I see you.
Oh, and Renee' you best get studying girlie.


Brittany said...

My favorite???

Well, I first got hooked when Jim put all Dwight's office supplies in jello.

Second love is when Jim throws Andy's cell phone above the ceiling tiles and continues to call it. Tweedily Tweedily Deet:)

Also loved when Jim came to work dressed AS Dwight. Hands down hilarity.

Buuut...I would have to say my favorite was when Jim trained Dwight, via Pavlov's Dogs, to ask for a mint every time the computer restarted.

Stephanie said...

In no particular order:

- Jim and Pam's weekend at Dwight's "Bed & Breakfast"

- Jan's ginourmous knockers first appearance

- Michael's speech at one of Ryan's MBA classes

- The recitation of Michael's diary during the last new episode.

- Creepy Creed

- Scrantonicity

- Schrute dollars and Stanley nickles

- Dwight's cousin Mose

I'll stop there before the list gets any longer :) Hurry up April 10!

Amy said...

"I don't go to your house and steal your Hello Kitty backpack!" - From the Benihana Christmas episode. I LOVE that episode!!

I can't just pick one. I loved the "Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Rabies Awareness Celebrity Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure" episode as well.

All the ones Britt and Steph already mentioned...

I can't wait!!!!

Michelle said...

The Benihana episode is one of my very favorites too!! When Michael marks his waitress' arm, cause all waitresses look alike you know.

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