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04 September 2014

This morning, I dropped the kids off at their respective schools.

I know.    

Can I explain to you how magical it is for a parent to have two hours and fifteen minutes to themselves, three days a week?  The answer to that is, pretty damn magical.  Thank you, sweet, sweet pre-school.  I haven’t been alone on a regular basis, in a silent house no less, for seven and a half years.

Seven.  And a half.  Years.  Just the QUIET alone.  Those kids of mine are apparently a noisy duo.  The first two days, I couldn’t even bring myself to turn on the radio because the quiet was so magnificent. 

This morning though?  I almost danced my way out of the classroom.  I was the mom in the SUV, giant smile on my face, blasting Vanilla Ice and singing every word, just because I can.  Then I got home, to my quiet house and picked twelve pounds of tomatoes from the garden.  Homemade tomato sauce?  Heck yes.    Did I mention it was quiet? 

I might even shower before noon!

I have much, much more to tell you.  Including explaining what I’ve been doing all summer.  I intend on doing just that, but for now, shhh… thirty more minutes before I have to pick the little one up.


Anonymous said...

Just wait till you get 8 whole hours to yourself. Flipping ass fabulous it is!

Unknown said...

Yes, FABULOUS is the EXACT word to describe it!! My son just started Kindergarten and while he did go to a type of Pre-K/sitter because I work 4 days during the week, I've always been off on Fridays and b/c I work 10 hours, I wouldn't make him go on Fridays - which meant when I was off, I didn't know what alone time was. Now that he has started Kindergarten, that first Friday, I honestly didn't know what to do with myself!! I have had exactly 3 Fridays - with NO CHILDREN!!! Do you realize how amazing it was to catch the sale at Dillard's this Friday and actually be able to find something b/c I was actually able to look instead of chasing a child around saying "Don't touch that, Keep your hands off, Get that out of your mouth!!!"? I can tell you - IT WAS MAGICAL!!! I thought I would be one of those moms that was crying when I saw him catch the bus, and although it brings me to the realization that my "baby" is not a baby anymore and that's depressing for just a second, the freedom that I'm able to get just for that one day, makes it all worthwhile!!

Kristina Grum said...

The quiet is so glorious! Enjoy it and do all the things - including doing nothing!

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