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26 July 2014

Disney’s Frozen is still reigning as a giant with it’s legions of pint-sized fans.  Costumes are sold out.  Good luck finding the toys.  Luck is exactly what you’ll need, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg.  There is no end in sight to the fervor for famous sisters, Anna and Elsa.  That fervor very much includes Tate, who knew without a doubt, what kind of party she’d choose for her third birthday.

So, uh, tell me.  What made the queen go all ice crazy?  --Kristoff, Frozen

Not only did she want a Frozen party, Miss Stephanie would make her an Anna + Elsa cake, and she wanted an ice castle too.  Which was charming considering it is July.  I’m no Elsa, as Tate pointed out, when I tried to explain the fact that it wasn’t winter. 

Duh, there would be an ice castle.   Elsa would just make it with her ice magic.

I’m gonna tell him!
Don’t you dare!  --Anna and Kristoff, Frozen

MOST importantly, above all else, she wanted an Elsa dress.  The dress that was sold out everywhere.  Because, of course.

Love this Frozen outdoor movie night Frozen Party

Tate didn’t doubt it for a moment.  Like icy magic, it came together exactly as she said it would. 

DIY Elsa Dress

Wow. Elsa, you look different. It's a good different. And this's amazing.  -- Anna, Frozen

By DIY, I mean, I am convinced that my mother-in-law is secretly a fairy godmother because this dress is spectacular.  {She also did Tate’s Tinkerbell caplet for Halloween last year.}   Sue listened to my crazy ideas, had a couple top secret fittings with her very impatient Elsa-adoring granddaughter, and gave her the best gift ever.  She wears her Elsa dress daily, you can see why.  The dress snaps on to her bodysuit which is washable. Grandma even thought to sew a bit of extra length into it so as she gets taller, the dress will grow with her.

Frozen Elsa Dress DIY DIY Elsa Dress

Frozen Elsa Costume DIY Frozen Elsa Costume

Elsa’s Ice Castle

The cold never bothered me anyway.  --Elsa, Frozen

When I was laughing and telling my husband about the fact that she requested an ice castle, her brother suggested using a tent.  It was a stroke of sheer genius and we already owned it.  The canopy came with sides that we have never used.  They were easy to attach, so we put three sides up and made it our official Elsa’s Ice Castle concessions.  We added some icicle Christmas lights and borrowed some hanging snowflakes from my mom’s Christmas decorations and threw in an Elsa chandelier for good measure.  I made a few Arendelle-esque banners tied together with glittery, sparkly tulle. 

Note to self: Glitter never goes away.  Ever.

Frozen Outdoor Movie Night 

Frozen Birthday Movie Party  DIY Elsa Chandelier 

Frozen Birthday Party Banner

 Frozen Birthday Party Outdoor Movie 

Frozen Movie Menu

We finish each other’s…
That’s what I was gonna say!  -- Hans & Anna, Frozen

First up, the cake!  Stephanie at SugarBean created this cute masterpiece.  She melted down purple and blue jolly ranchers to make shards of ‘ice’ and she had a special surprise waiting on the inside!

Anna Elsa Frozen Cake

Frozen Party Cake Ombre Frozen Themed Cake

SugarBean also created these cute Frozen themed cookies that were a HUGE hit with the kids.  There might have been some rock, paper, scissors over who got the last Olaf.

Frozen Cookies SugarBean

I made these Sven Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops and had summer Olaf taped to mini twirly suckers!  We threw in some of Sven’s favorite snacks, carrots cut up with ranch dip and a spicy nacho dip with chips to counteract the sugar overload.  We also had tons of popcorn and some pink Goldfish crackers because they are a favorite of the birthday girl.

Frozen Birthday Desserts Cell 210

Frozen Movie Night Frozen Party Menu

My intention was to color the lemonade an icy blue with a packet of blue Kool-aid and I completely forgot to add it!

Frozen Birthday Party Drinks Frozen chandelier and Anna pinata

Dave’s aunt brought this adorable Anna piƱata from Austin when she came up this summer.  It was as tall as Tate and so cute we couldn’t bring ourselves to break it!

Anna Frozen Pinata

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tate!

Some people are worth melting for.  --Olaf, Frozen

After gift opening and cake, the kids {and some of the adults} chose glittery necklaces and princess crowns.  Then everyone hit the concessions for popcorn and movie treats.   

The main event was the outdoor screening of Frozen and the kids loved it.  We had our usual movie night set up with blow up air mattresses, blankets, pillows and tons of chairs.  The screen is just a white sheet hung on the fence, but the kids just think it’s magical every time we have an outdoor movie.  There was a lot of singing and laughing… and quite a bit of cheering when Anna punched Hans.

A pretty good birthday, she tells me.

Frozen Outdoor Movie Party

Cell 249

Cell 245 Cell 267

There are a TON of Frozen birthday party ideas, if you need more, check out my Frozen Pinterest Board!


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

You always have such fun parties! And what a birthday party this was for Tate! I love the idea of making a tent into an ice castle.

Yostee said...

Seriously.. .you're the coolest mom ever!

the cape on the corner said...

that snowflake chandelier! so good, you totally delivered!

Angela said...

Love the Frozen party! Great ideas!

Unknown said...

You did an awesome job! Oh how i wish I had a little girl. Love it all. The melting of the jolly ranchers is a great idea, I am gonna have to try and remember that. And the pop up tent as the ice castle is such a good idea:) I am gonna have to forward this to my friend who is planning a Frozen party in just a couple weeks:) As always you did great and are SUPER MOM!

Samantha @ 24 to 30 said...

You seriously have the best parties ever!

Cutebrooky said...

Wow...the Elsa chandelier was so cool....How did you made that, are you giving any tutorial?please,please......

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