Happy Father’s Day.

15 June 2014

It’s a true measure of a man, in seeing who he is, through the eyes of his children. 

You have continuously raised that bar every moment, from that first diaper change seven years ago, Dave.  I hope they realize even half of the life lessons, humor, commitment, tenacity, hope, and capacity for love that you have shown them daily.  And sure, they con you into crazy shit and they have a way for making us both feel like we’re destined for the loony bin, but I feel immeasurably fortunate to be on this parenting journey with you.


Cell Cedar Point 125 California 224

HPIM1337 Tate 166


michelle's cell 481 michelle's cell 012

cell 055 march 079 

park & andersons 103 cell 196 

061 036

 Tate 079

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