5 Things To Do in June.

12 June 2014

Things To Do In June

School is finally out and we have the whole summer ahead of us to do fun things!  We’re going to make our annual summer list soon.  Along with baseball, swim lessons, and cottage trips, we have a Frozen themed birthday for a certain little Elsa-wannabe in our house.  Summer is jam packed with all the fun, warm-weather activities we can handle.  And after last winter, we’re more than ready to take advantage!  Before we get to all that, here are five things to do this month!

1.  Pick strawberries.  Then make jam.

There is little better than eating the ripest berry on the vine right there in the field.  That is, until you open a fresh jar of freezer jam in November.  Here is my favorite no-cook recipe for strawberry-vanilla freezer jam.  You don’t even need to know how to can!

2.   get Ice Cream from a Truck. 

As soon as you hear the twinkle of the ice cream truck music, drop every single un-fun thing you are doing and grab some cash.  Go ahead and run after the ice cream man with your kids, then sit on the front steps and eat your frozen treats.  I’d opt for the frozen popsicle with the gumball in the bottom every single time.  What kid should go without the pleasure of a bomb pop brain freeze at least once a summer?

3.  Clean out your car.

Our cars are one of those things that get neglected in the end of school chaos, so let’s do some sprucing for summer.  Grab some cleaner, paper towels, and your shop vac and get to work!

4.  experience an outdoor concert.

There is nothing like sitting on a blanket in the grass listening to an outdoor concert.  Throw in a picnic and some kids getting their wiggles out to great music and you have the perfect evening.  If you are local to the Toledo area, you can check out concerts at the zoo, the brown bag library series, your local park, and just about any restaurant patio in town for live, local music!  Music Under the Stars with the Toledo Symphony doesn’t start until July, but keep that in mind too!

5.  Plant your garden.

This year, we’re going to have a much smaller scale, last year we were up to our eyeballs in tomatoes.  Containers are great for herbs like mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, and chives.  We snip fresh herbs for cooking and iced tea all summer long.  We even have a lime tree in a pot that has been giving us limes like crazy since this winter!


What is your ‘must do’ for June?


@JessEsco said...

We're going to a concert next Friday! I waited so long to get tix so we're actually sitting on the lawn. I'm a music junkie so usually we are way closer.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love all these ideas! Our June usually has outdoor Shakespeare in the Park but this year. I love seeing art done outdoors.

MommyLisa said...

I totally need to clean my car - and weed my garden. :(

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