I Don’t Like You, Mama.

20 January 2014

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Well it happened.  My whole six and a half years of motherhood has been blessedly free of this one until now.

I don’t like you, Mama!

There she is, Miss Tate, all two and a half years of her, telling me just that.  Her brother has probably thought it, but he’s never said it. 

All because I wouldn’t read her book.  The book her father had just finished reading to her, while she was stalling and saying goodnight, already a half an hour past bedtime.  Worst mother in the world, right?

Rationally, you know she’s just pissy and tired.  But oh, doesn’t it feel like a punch in the gut to hear those words directed at you? 

She followed up the next day with, “You my best girl Mama, my best girl in da whole universe,” and made me imagine that maybe we still have a few years before I’m hearing that she dislikes me on the regular.  At least, I sure hope so.

And Tate, even when you don’t like me?  You’re my best girl too.


Shelly said...

I just got a "You should be a better mommy than this." from my five year old daughter. Where this phrase came from, I have no idea. But I can't say I blame her after our eight millionth Ohio snow day cooped up with me instead of being at "fundergarten".

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Ugh. I can only imagine how my mother felt when I said things like that to her. Because I was a brat. Now that I'm 30, my mother is the most amazing person in the world to me and I can't imagine my life without her. She's one of my best friends. It makes me want to go back and erase comments like this that I'm sure I made to her.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Awww. Yes, even logic can't erase the gut punch. But "You my best girl Mama" - those words are kissed by an angel. :)

MommyLisa said...

Yup. Been there, have the t-shirt. Miss boo boo can cut like a knife with words.

Renee Anne said...

I haven't had that out of Little Man (yet) but I'm sure he'll say it to me eventually. I'm not looking forward to it.

Jessica Sliman said...

Ohhhh, lady. Maybe it's something about little girls? Both of mine say it on the regular (they're 2 and 4) BUT they say the sweetest of things too. It's always over silly things too. Like I made them brush their teeth or refused to give them a piece of gum after the swallowed the first one.

Unknown said...

Ugh. Eli's been saying this for about six months whenever he must do something he doesn't want to do. The other day I'd finally had enough and shot back, "Yeah? The feeling is mutual right now - go to your room." And then I felt like the worst mother in the world. The end.

Samantha @ 24 to 30 said...

Oh this post is so timely for me. I just heard the same thing from my almost 3 year old in almost the exact same situation. I didn't show any reaction but inside it pretty much chopped my heart into little pieces. Ouch. I've heard this a few times from my teenagers, but hearing it from my sweet little baby was totally different. Shortly after I went to the store or something and came back and he was so excited to see me though, so that helped. But...I was not expecting to hear that yet, and yes it did hurt.

Crafts a la Mode said...

HA! You guys haven't had teenager's yet? Well, when they say they hate you, they mean it. That's a hard time to get through but it passes. It's all good now. :)

Sara said...

My four year old, when provoked (by being told it's bath time) will sometimes say "You're not my best friend anymore!"

Gut wrenching.

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