50 Things To Watch on Netflix.

29 January 2014

This morning, my friend Alli who is happily snowed in at her house in Atlanta, asked what to watch on Netflix.  I gave her my suggestions and then realized there were so many more that I wanted to add.  Our Netflix account has been a sanity saver while stuck in the house lately, today is Snow Day #8 this month.  Do I need to say more?

There are so many things on Netflix Instant that you can stream to your heart’s delight and never watch the same thing twice.  It seems like they’re constantly pulling things and adding new, which I like… except when I want to binge watch every episode of The Facts of Life and it’s already gone. 

And if you don’t have the ‘Flix, don’t fret.   When available, I’ve linked you to everything on Amazon Instant too, you can stream it right from your computer.  {Disclosure: These are Amazon Affiliate links, if you watch something I recommend from the link, I get pennies.  Feel free to go to Amazon directly if you don’t want me to have pennies, I’m totally ok with that.  If you have Amazon Prime, a bunch of those are free to you.}

Here are 50 of my favorite things to watch on Netflix right now.

What Should I Watch on Netflix

Stand Up Comedy.

Laugh till you pee your pants.


TV Shows on Netflix.

I can’t be held responsible for your binge watching every season of these favorites.

  • The West Wing {Watch on Amazon}  OK, so this is the only TV series that I actually own on DVD.  It is such an intelligent, funny, well written show.  Watch it.
  • Scandal {Watch on Amazon}  Kerry Washington is brilliant as Olivia Pope.  If you’re wondering what everyone is talking about, now is your chance to catch up.
  • Mythbusters {Watch on Amazon}  The team tests the science behind crazy myths we all have heard.  Want to find out if double dipping is really as awful as Seinfeld wants us to believe? How about that guy who supposedly escaped from Alcatraz? Or if taking a shower in a thunderstorm is really a bad idea?
  • New Girl {Watch on Amazon} Roommates, crushes, the most un-PC ridiculously funny Schmidt, lots of hipstery angst and laughter, it’s like hanging out with a group of friends.
  • Keeping Up Appearances {Watch on Amazon}  This is an old British show that my friend Amanda and I are hooked on, Hyacinth will have you secretly glad you’ve escaped tea on her Royal Dalton china.
  • White Collar {Watch on Amazon}  Neil Cafferty is a con man who ends up working for the FBI.  Guys will think he’s awesome, girls will think he’s hot.  It’s a win win if you ask me.
  • Ally McBeal   An old favorite.
  • Lie to Me {Watch on Amazon}  This is one of the most intelligent, mind-screwing shows on TV.
  • The Office {Watch on Amazon}  Oh Jim and Pam before they were Jim and Pam.  And Dwight… who doesn’t love Dwight?
  • How I Met Your Mother {Watch on Amazon}  This is the last season of HIMYM, so why not catch up on the whole saga from the beginning?
  • Dexter {Watch on Amazon}  Creepy.  Crazy.  Awesome.


Netflix Movies.

Old school to new releases, these are some of the best movies on Netflix.

  • Beautiful Girls {Watch on Amazon} A musician goes home again, friendship, family, and a very young Natalie Portman
  • Butter {Watch on Amazon} Who knew the annual butter carving contest was so cutthroat?  Jennifer Gardner is perfection in this movie. 
  • Drinking Buddies {Watch on Amazon}  Two best friends trying to figure out where they stand, set in a microbrewery.
  • War of the Buttons {Watch on Amazon}  Two ‘gangs’ of kids from rivaling towns in Ireland fight for supremacy, based on a book.  {The one on Netflix right now is a re-make set in France, still good.  I linked the Irish one on the Amazon.}
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun {Watch on Amazon}  A young Sarah Jessica Parker has an Army dad and a Catholic school to deal with as she enters a TV dance competition.
  • Bernie {Watch on Amazon}  Jack Black stars in this true story of a murderer who was so well liked that the entire town didn’t want him to go to jail.
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off {Watch on Amazon}  Skipping school is never this awesome in real life. 
  • Marvel’s Avengers {Watch on Amazon}  We’re big fans of Marvel, this was a favorite.  Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye are in this version.
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles {Watch on Amazon}  John Candy and Steve Martin.  It pretty much doesn’t get more comedy genius than this. 
  • The Breakfast Club {Watch on Amazon}  Am 80s classic.  Misfits and adventure during an all day detention.



These aren’t your mama’s boring documentaries.  Swearing man in a Winnebago?  Excruciating looks into the death of a friend?  And sushi, lots of sushi.

  • Dear Zachary  Filmmaker loses his friend to murder and films a documentary about him to give to his son.  You will be absolutely RIVITED. 
  • Gotta Dance  A geriatric hip hop dance group.
  • Frontrunners  {Watch on Amazon}  Four students campaign for student council at one of NYC’s most competitive public schools.
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi {Watch on Amazon}  The story of Jiro, who runs an exclusive and extremely expensive sushi restaurant in Japan.  Japanese with subtitles.
  • Indie Game : The Movie {Watch on Amazon}  You will be cheering on {and wondering if they are a little nuts} these creators of indie video games.
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop {Watch on Amazon}  The secret world of Banksy, street tagging, and bizarre happenings.
  • Winnebago Man {Watch on Amazon}  The story of an old training video that hits YouTube and makes its profane and elusive host very famous.
  • Being Elmo : A Puppeteer’s Journey {Watch on Amazon} The man behind Elmo and how Elmo came into our lives.
  • Craigslist Joe {Watch on Amazon}  A man who travels across the country using nothing but Craigslist.
  • Bill Cunningham New York {Watch on Amazon}  Bill Cunningham rides his bike around NYC photographing street style with a non-digital camera.  He’s an absolutely fascinating artist and human being.
  • Life In a Day July 24, 2010 as filmed by tons of people and edited by the filmmaker. 
  • Pressure Cooker  Students at an impoverished school compete at a culinary competition for life altering scholarships. 
  • The Queen of Versailles {Watch on Amazon}  It starts as a documentary of a wealthy couple building the largest house in the United States, then the recession hits and it turns into something entirely different.


Guilty Pleasures.

This is the stuff that is so delightfully trashy that you can’t look away, but don’t want to admit watching to any of your friends.  Don’t judge, just enjoy.

  • Kell on Earth {Watch on Amazon} Kelly is a publicist in NYC
  • Tanked {Watch on Amazon}  Two brothers-in-law run a company building ridiculously awesome fish tanks.
  • Alaska : The Last Frontier {Watch on Amazon}  Follow a family in Alaska as they prep for and survive winter.
  • American Chopper {Watch on Amazon}  A father and two sons spend more time bickering than working on unreal motorcycles.
  • Sister Wives {Watch on Amazon}  One guy, three wives, and about a bajillion kids.
  • Long Island Medium {Watch on Amazon}  Theresa is a medium who can’t stop giving readings in the most inopportune places.
  • Moonshiners {Watch on Amazon}  Who knew that moonshine was still big {and highly illegal} business?  These guys are slightly crazy and the accents are so deep south that there are sometimes subtitles.
  • NYC Prep {Watch on Amazon} Reality show based on a group of friends at an elite prep school in NYC.
  • DC Cupcakes {Watch on Amazon}  Two sisters take Washington DC by the cupcakes.


OK peeps, what am I missing?  Tell me your current Netflix faves!


Jessica Sliman said...

Love this list! We are in the middle of Dexter and totally addicted. And if you happen to be an HBO subscriber, True Detective (which is brand new) is out of this world creepy and wonderful.

Jen said...

I liked Somm, probably because I generally can't identify different flavors wines unless somebody tells me what I'm supposed to be picking out, so watching people who are really good at it was kind of cool.

Anonymous said...

Orange is the New Black and Hell on Wheels

Unknown said...

Anything Ken Burns Documentaries are amazing. He does things like "Yellowstone" "Denali National Park" "American Parks" "The Dust Bowl" "Civil War" "The War" and more. I just can not tell you how many times I have watched him as a producer and what an amazing man he is and so so talented. Should definitely be an "Emmy" "Grammy" and any other film makers trophies that you can win. He is just that amazing. If you want to be totally hooked beyond belief on his films (any will do but one in particular is so riveting) that you can not wait to see the next episode of it and watch it for hours and hours of it is the one called "The War" which is obviously the WWII film and it is so well done and such an amazing documentary that you come away feeling like you know the families and are a part of what it is going on at the time. PLEASE WATCH ONE EPISODE OF IT JUST ONE, ALL THE WAY TO THE END AND THEN MAKE A DECISION AFTER THAT WHETHER IT IS A GOOD ONE OR NOT

Unknown said...

TV Show: Drop Dead Diva. I am hooked. I could not wait for Season 5 to come to Netflix...so I am renting on Vudu!

Anonymous said...

The sit-com, Community! It is quirky, witty, original, utterly hilarious!!! Start at Season 1 and work your way through. (And Joel McHale as Jeff Winger is another great reason to watch! whew!)

Just A Normal Mom said...

Great list. I can't add because we are currently watching the last two seasons of Dexter, which you've already listed. Creepy and crazy is right, but also so addictive I can't stand it.

Shannon C said...

I second the Drop Dead Diva recommendation and would also add Chuck to the list!

Lisa said...

Orange is the New Black, The Big C, Gossip Girl, House of Cards, Lost...just to name a few!

Abbey said...

Think Winnebago man has been pulled. I'm sad! It sounded very interesting.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Thank you for the list! Those are some awesome choices for the next time i'm stuck at home!

Anonymous said...

I want to find a bunch of hip hop dance movies please post some of those

Debi Barham said...

Yes yes to all you said. Ken Burns could teach more history than the kids get in school. And so much about the world He is amazi g and the ones who support him - cudos PBS and work with him. Yes I really learned more about war strategy real people. Ready to see it all again

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