23 January 2013


Tate will be 19 months this week. 

She wants to do everything herself.  Eating.  Choosing things.  Getting dressed.  Brushing her teeth.  Brushing her hair.  Things take awhile around here while we let her figure it all out.

She loves her brother more than anyone else in this house.  By far.  He stayed the night at Gigi and Papa’s house and as soon as she saw him the next morning, it was non-stop hugs and “Hiiiii Buddy!” over and over.  And over.

It’s not all sunshine.  When you take something away from her, she screams, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” If Finn comes too close during ‘her’ cuddle time, she’ll yell, “Mine Mama!”

She’s also repeating everything.  Um.  Shit… shoot. 


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

She's getting so big! Crazy. :)

Just A Normal Mom said...

Aw, adorable how much she loves her brother. Such a cute picture. And that coat! So cute!

Unknown said...

We're there, too! I love it. Except when I'm talking on the phone to Nana and Lena decides its "her" Nana time. =| Not cool, little baby.

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