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10 January 2013

I am ridiculously excited at the prospect of 58 degree weather here on Saturday.  Do you know how rare it is for warm weather in January here in Ohio?  We’ve got some special plans with friends to take full advantage.  I can not wait to share it with you next week.  If you had one perfect weather day in the midst of lots of snow and freezing weather, what would you do with it?


And if you haven’t yet… leave an idea of a post you want to see here and one of you is going home with this fancy Target gift card.  So far sex, randomness, and food are at the top of the list, I see where your heads are!  Thank you, the writing floodgates have been opened and I’m going to get to every idea you suggested.  Well, everything except the clean eating and diet… I am so not the person to be giving advice on that, but you all can go visit Clean Green Eat Repeat and get your healthy fix there. 

If you want butter, stick around.  Get it.  HA!  Stick.  Because butter comes in sticks.  Ha.  Um.  OK, just pretend you laughed.  Do it and then watch this, because you will actually laugh.  A lot.  Even Dave liked it.

Be more awesome.  Happy Thursday!


Unknown said...

Ha! I did totally laugh at the stick thing :)

Sue said...

Ok, now I have to think of an idea for the other post. That's my favorite Target gift card. I almost always get it. One time I wanted to get it for a wedding gift but my husband (also known as the party pooper) was with me and said it wasn't an appropriate wedding gift card, so we ended up with one of those stupid cake shaped ones or something. Dumb.

Just A Normal Mom said...

That video was hilarious! Loved it. Sent it to Hubs for a smile for his day. ;)

the cape on the corner said...

i had no idea that the gift card was so stinking cute, and we have outdoor plans for saturday! i hope this weather is really what comes. for chanukah i got my mom a walk around town chocolate tasting tour, so we're doing that. it's held rain or shine, but i'd prefer shine!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness, thanks for the shout out for Blog #2, Clean Green Eat Repeat!! Don't get me wrong... I like butter and chocolate-covered Oreos sprinkled with sea salt just as much as the next guy ... I just try not to eat them as much as I want to ("try" being the key word here)... Needless to say... um, there's a reason why I've only written 37 or so posts in my clean eating blog for the last year... I do so enjoy your blog =)

Tawny said...

I bought my nieces and nephews Target gift cards for Christmas and gave this one to my nephew. He looked at it and said why would dogs play cards? That is is just weird.


Michelle said...

There is no accounting for taste Miss Tawny! Punk kids don't know what's good for them!

Kim Moore said...

See I would use this card then frame it and then hang it next to my wall picture of dogs playing poker(I actually have a full size one on my wall courtesy of my John)

Leslee @ This Friendly Life said...

I would definitely love to see more DIY food stuff, like making butter and things of that nature. Finnisms are also quite fun. Love your blog! Thanks for entertaining all of us! :-)

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