21 January 2013

Last night I made an offhand remark to my besties, “when you’re forty” as if it were so far away… and Jackie gently reminded me that it’s only FOUR years away.  Three and a half if we’re being honest.


Oh yeah.   That is right.

Huh?  Really?

I don’t feel like ‘almost forty’ feels like it should feel.  Shouldn’t that feel somehow older?  Forty.  More mature?  Forty.  Shouldn’t I feel like everything is falling apart?  Forty.

When I was twenty, forty felt almost as if a foot would be in the grave.

And yet?  Notsomuch.

I forget that next year will be my twentieth high school reunion. 

Are we really that old?  And should I even be saying it that way? 

“That old.”  As if it really is.

Getting older is much weirder than I thought it would be.  That first twenty years felt like it took forever and then the next twenty are gone in just a blink.

Am I the only one?


Yostee said...

I have a hard time believing I will be 30 in June. You are absolutely right. It takes forever for 21 to get here, but after that, it's just a blink of an eye. I have mixed emotions about 30. I just know I want to have one hell of a party to bring me into a new decade!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Could be worse, you could have a kid that is turning 40!!!!!! Now that is something to ponder!
Your Mother

Tricia said...

I'm turning 40 in March, and it truly is feeling so odd to me. Sad that I'm turning 40, but also funny to think back in my 20s, those in their 40s were crazy old. I still act like I'm in high school. :)

Michelle said...

I feel the same way Tricia!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Getting older is weird. I always say "old" is always 20 years older than my current age :)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Life flies by. I realized a few weeks ago that this year I will turn 30. I swear that I just turned 20. I don't really know how that happened.

Anonymous said...

I think the same thing. I will be 37 in April. All I can think about is my girls being in high school. I really do not feel old enough to be a mom.

Anonymous said...

It's all in your head. If you think young, you are. Take it from someone way older than you are!
Aunt Linda

Unknown said...

yes your so right. i will be 32 in may and the last 8 years or so have just flown by. and once you have kids it goes by even faster. i dont even want to think about 40. i stressed about turning 30 and it really wasnt that bad but i think i might have a harder time turning 40....very weird!!

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