15 November 2010

I’m going to tell you something, but first you must raise your right hand and repeat after me…

“I (insert your name here) promise not to judge Michelle too terribly after she reveals her deep dark secret.  Well, I will judge her a bit, but I won’t stop reading despite being SHOCKED and awed at her secret.  I will not forget that she used to be a strong, extremely independent woman who was capable of doing things.  In the name of the Target, the Starbucks, and the holy Lowes.   Amen.”

Y’all.  I am spoiled.

Rotten, in fact.

Dave, he left for London Saturday night.  After he left, my sister Lyndsey and I were crafting and talking and in general carrying on like idiots.  {We do this when we are together.}  It was during clean up that I realized the garbage was full. 


I could not even remember the last time I took the garbage out or replaced a garbage bag.

Lynds offered to do it for me.  Sisters are like the best thing ever, aren’t they?  It was totally embarrassing.  But I did it.  My very own self.

That isn’t the worst of it.

He does all the dirty stuff around here.  All of it.

Last week, I went to the park and Finn and I got a block from the park when I realized that something was ‘wrong’ with the car.  I thought that I had somehow knocked the alignment out.  He came to my rescue and looked at me like I was a lunatic when the entire front tire was flat.

As a pancake.

So he changed my tire.  In his work clothes.  Happily and laughing at me most of the whole time.

And ok, I’m going to admit this for all the world to hear… are you ready for this one?   It is Amy’s favorite.

I didn’t get gas myself for probably two and a half years.

No, really.  It started when I was pregnant for Finn and it was cold and crappy out.  This is when he sweetly started making me drive his car as well.  He would take my car and fill it up for me and I never had to get gas. 

It was magic.

So one day, when I did, I had to call him at work and ask which side of the car the gas thingy was on and where the release lever was.  {Turns out on the driver’s side and there isn’t one.} 

The thing is about all this, I used to be such an independent to a fault, take charge kind of girl.  I thought people who admitted things like this were ridiculous.  You can’t change your own tire?  Really?  Your husband gets gas for you?  You have GOT to be kidding me.

But y’all, I know I could if it came down to it.  It just doesn’t take away from the fact that that man of mine, he spoils me rotten.  And I’m not giving that up for at least the next 50 years.


Jen said...

We've had this conversation before. I can't judge you because I can't remember the last time I had to get gas, either. Gotta be honest, I don't miss it.

And I don't even know where we keep our trash bags. Our husbands are awesome.

Amy said...

Ok, so I have something to admit myself... B took my car to get the oil changed on Friday because he was off, and I still haven't figured out how I'm supposed to work full time and run my life. Anyway, I got in my car this morning for the first time since he drove it, and the tank was full as well! Yay husbands!

Samantha said...

I'm jealous of all of you! I'm lucky if my husband pumps my gas while he's with me in my car! :)

Missy said...

I have no idea of this concept "spoiled" that you write about. My DH does not even know where the garabe bags are stored! LOL

Unknown said...

I am lololololololing!!!! I only thought i was spoiled Thanks for the reality check =)

Home Sweet Sarah said...

Well I'm spoiled too then! I never take out the trash, or roll the garbage cans to the curb, or mow the lawn or change the oil in my car, or ANY of that.

I do give a mean back scratch, though, so I'd say me and my husband are even. Right?

Ashley said...

You don't say. I never ever in a million years would have guessed.

Mrs. Sowerby said...

It is good to be spoiled, isn't it? I think that most women that are in a happy, both people put in a lot of effort relationship could confess a few ways that their own husband spoils them. Just because you receive these wonderful blessings from your hubby doesn't mean you aren't still a strong, independent woman...it just means you are a strong, independent woman that has a found a great, strong, independent man that loves his WOMAN!

Mrs. Sowerby said...

P.S. There are MANY mornings that my hubby goes out and starts my car for me. I also never deal with taking the trash out to the curb or bringing it in. I find towels washed, folded and put away in the closet all of the time. I never go to get my own oil changed because he knows how much I hate when the guys at the place try to sell me all kinds of services that my car needs because I am a woman. He always takes my car and does that for me. Life is good when you have a man that spoils you.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That is so wonderful that he does those things for you. :) But yeah, I kinda wish mine did those too! I hate pumping gas.

Just A Normal Mom said...

I may pump my own gas, but mine does dishes. And cooks quite a bit. And does garbage day. And I have a teenager that takes out the garbage. Yeah, I like it!!

Holly Lefevre said...

I think there is nothing wrong with being spoiled...rock on!

Rhea said...

hahaha You ARE spoiled, but I love that you can poke fun at yourself. Sounds like you have a wonderful man. And I LOVED the oath at the top. hehe

Erin Mikulak said...

I would just like to point out that u used "y'all" twice in this post, Michelle. I don't ever want to hear anything about the South. When u talk like us, u can't make fun of us. Just sayin' y'all.

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